Asking for product feedback: How do you collect everyone's feedback after each interview?

Jenny Kim
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First time creating and launching a MVP so definitely could use a piece of major advice here! We created a MVP and I'm having difficulty reaching enough people to get sufficient feedback to go back to our product team and inform them what needs to improve next :( It's a pretty straight-forward, simple Chrome extension you can install to your Google Meet, so looking for people to try it out. We created an extension for HR professionals - or anyone in charge of hiring employees - so they can simply install it to their Google Meet and type in notes and ultimately send in candidate feedback to your HR team...straight from Google Meet. It's meant to get rid of the lengthy Google Form you have to fill out (or any other HR tools your HR team asks you to use). Thoughts? It's quite bare-bones at the moment but any type of feedback would be MUCH appreciated! - Sign up by clicking on "Try for Free" at the top right corner.


Johannes Grenzemann
Hey @jenny_at_wanted , My best tip would be to go on LinkedIn an look for some HR groups (should give a lot there). Join one and gently ask for early adopter willing to try your product :)