How do you monetize your newsletter if you've less than 1,000 subscribers?

✨ Vidya ✨
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Many growth articles out there suggest writers have at least 1,000 subscribers to monetize their newsletter, especially if you're looking for sponsors. I'd love to know if you've monetized your newsletter before hitting this magic number.


Nikhil Agrawal
I think 1000 subscribers isn't a requirement. If we check your case - you said you've less than 1000 subscribers, still you hit $1K a few days back. More than subscribers, open & click rates counts. Some ways can be: 1. Affiliate links 2. Sponsorship or Promotions
Anangsha Alammyan
I actually wrote a detailed blog post about it. None of these have a mandatory requirement for 1000 subs:
Kavir Kaycee
I've monetized my newsletter through sponsored deep dives before reaching 1000 subs. But waiting to reach 1000 subs to unlock some relevant sponsors on Swapstack :)
Jessica L Williams
I used to think I had to get to 1,000 subscribers to monetize my newsletter, but I was able to do it before reaching that goal. I started with Buy Me a Coffee donations and made some $$ with affiliate marketing. Once I got a little over 500 subscribers, I was able to start monetizing with classified ads.
christian graves
we've had a small % of our membership convert to paid subs over which seems to be the case in most. discounts + cta's seemed to be the way. we also do limited drops so those have yielded some traction. haven't tried affiliate links or sponsored content yet cause our numbers cause the timing doesn't feel right yet