How do you manage your overwork?

Elena Cirera
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Interesting question! I see only one way, head down and finish it. Take brakes in between and have your caffeine nearby!
@price2spy Yes, I agree! and the only way out of this is to get it done! BTW, we just launched our product on Product Hunt. Would love to hear your feedback on the same -
Saqib Ali
In my opinion, one should follow a self-incentivizing approach. You can break down the goals of your day into smaller chunks and then reward yourself in the form of tea breaks, ping pong sessions, watching a funny YouTube video, etc. upon the completion of each task. Doing this will improve your productivity and won't even leave you all cranky at the end of the day.
Ivan Vorobyev
This is very interesting because recently, I was interested in this question myself. It turns out that a lot of factors can affect fatigue, work loads, stress, urgent tasks, poor nutrition and inability to properly rest and properly allocate your time can lead to fatigue. On this internet., they write many ways to cope with fatigue. Someone copes with fatigue rest, who can take a variety of cbd, read more at cbd2heal, and someone just changes the environment. I have tried many different methods, but the best way to keep a balance between work and personal life, a temporary and varied rest, which helps to take away from everything. But it is better not to overdo it, because it is very difficult to recover afterwards.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Sometimes I like to overwork - it depends on how much I care about the product I am building :)
Nauman Khalid
I do it by regularly exercising and getting into physical activities because being physically fit; one can accomplish more hard tasks.
Hussain Shah
By keeping my computer updated and using new or upgraded software, I've made my work easier, resulting in a decreased workload.
Hamza Afzal Butt
If you find that you are struggling to keep up with your workload, speak to your manager about the situation. Meeting with your manager will allow you to voice your concerns and work together to develop a plan to alleviate the problem.
Anastasiia Stepko
Very good question, especially in current reality. I've built a very good morning routine. I follow it every day, even if I woke up much later than I should have. Every morning I start with 10 min meditation. Then I practice yoga for 10 min. After that getting ready for the day. Breakfast. Reading book with my morning coffee. Next thing β€” gratitude practice (it really helps me a lot to concentrate on good things). Then I plan my day and only after the whole process I jump to a lot of work. So I know that every morning, no matter what, I have time to slow down and to be with myself.
Devanand Premkumar
@anastasiia_stepko One side note over here on gratitude. Irrespective of tasks or busy schedule, I start and end my day with gratitude. That keeps me afloat and even gives me more energy to pursue my dreams.
Anastasiia Holiachenko πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
It is an okay thing for some rare occasions. Sometimes, you have to finish doing some stuff before going to bed, and there is no other choice (No, you always have a choice, it is about your priorities πŸ˜…). But overworking should not be an option on a daily basis. Otherwise, you won't be productive at all as a result. Usually, I decompose the big tasks into the smaller ones, and after I plan my day/week, taking into account the priorities. And always leave a time buffer for some unexpected things!
Christina Chaplin
Really interesting question, Elena! My personal suggestion is to prioritize sleep over anything else. It's probably the most important piece of the puzzle (doesn't fix anything) but if everything else has to be sacrificed, sleep should be the LAST thing to go!
Devanand Premkumar
@christina_chaplin I am totally with you on this. Rather than running 16 hours in one stretch, it is better to break and have the creative overworked part of our brain to cool down. Things will move a lot faster than and I have experienced it myself.
Michael Truong
I give myself daily goals that are easy and does not require a large amount of time to complete. I wont be hesitant to get started because the goal is easy, but once I get started and complete one goal, it gets me into a deep focus mode which enables me to complete more difficult things which I might hesitate to start.
Robert Rizk
Just answer this: If i get this task done, will I see results tomorrow? Yes, do it today. No, do it to tomorrow :)
Devanand Premkumar
I prefer to break my tasks into buckets of A-B-C. A- Absolutely must to do today and individual tasks will have ranks A1....An based on their priority B- Can pick up when the queue of A is completed C- Optional - So that I do not miss it out. Review the list at night and planning for tomorrow helps me a lot :)
Ana Dodig
If overwork is not a consequence of the tasks that your boss constantly adds to you, or toxic work culture at your company, then the solution is to make a daily to-do list, prioritize tasks and stick to that. Taking short breaks, exercise and enough sleep should also help with overwork. On other hand, if overtime is a sign of flawed workplace culture, then you should talk to the boss and HR to provide you with help or at least take off some of the responsibilities. In both cases, overcome must not become a part of your everyday life because it will eventually make you a nervous person, full of stress, on the verge of mental breakdown.
hmm interesting... I never think about overworking... I just do what needs to be done to make things happen :)
shaik ikbhal Basha
take break work on something you like most delegate if possible use productivity tools work productivity improve daily prioritise, allot time resource to task
Mirton Bay
I need breaks or a day off. That really hepls. Even if there are lots of tasks to do but I'm too tired, it's better to have a rest to reload my brain and then turn on again.
Vaibhav Kapoor
Work is a never-ending thing. Not every day requires overwork, and it is good if it is this way only. But whenever there is the call of duty, we know we gotta finish it off, right? I usually keep a steady pace, take eating breaks in between, stand up for a while and walk, listen to music for motivation, and clear all distractions so that work is finished on time.
Cathy Patalas
Taking regular breaks and going outside in the fresh air have helped me to stay more focused on my work resulting in getting more work finished quicker
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I have 3 mantras while managing overwork: 1. Breathe- trust me, the more hyper you are, the messier will your work get 2. A checklist- with the tasks sorted in the priority order 3. Regular breaks- it is better to take small breaks in between to keep yourself productive throughout the day than working without breaks and losing productivity in 3 hours