How do you learn new stuff: read blogs or watch videos?

Arsen Misakyan
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As founders, we wear many hats. We all have to learn a bunch of new things DAILY. On any given topic, there is an overwhelming quantity of content. You have to search - vet - learn; rinse and repeat x 100 a day... What's the most effective learning method for you?


both ways are useful :) You can learn new stuff in many ways.
Arsen Misakyan
@g_sanjna Sure, both are effective in one way or another:)
Adriel Cruz
Most of us use social media platforms and watch videos to learn tutorials, life hacks, etc. Books are still useful too if you're that kind of person who likes to read. But both ways are useful in any way you can learn new stuff.
Arsen Misakyan
@adriel_cruz True, it depends on a topic. Sometimes a short Tweet might teach an invaluable lesson.
Qudsia Ali
I used to read a lot to learn new stuff, but I have swiftly shifted to watching videos online to learn anything I want. No doubt both ways are great, but I believe in videos, many visuals are involved, so learning becomes relatively easy and fun.
Arsen Misakyan
@qudsia_ali Hehe:) I often, to save me some time, increase the video speed to 1.5x or even 1.75x.
Samir Moussa
I've moved toward learning through experience. As you rightly said, founders wear many hats, and there just isn't any time to be an expert in everything. So when something I don't know comes up, I learn about it and do it. You'll spot patterns of weakness in certain areas where eventually you commit to "doing it properly" by watching or reading the appropriate books. I tend to allocate a few days to dive deep into a subject, but these opportunities are rare. One or two top recommended books for that subject. Definitely relate to the hustle! 💪🏽
Arsen Misakyan
@samir_moussa That totally resonates with me. Also, when diving deep into a subject, I've found this technique to be super useful for learning - I start writing about it myself.
Dylan Merideth
@samir_moussa an education will make you a living, a self-education will make you a fortune. Not that its about the money, but more that if you include your own personal and more intimate goals into a learning process, it embeds and is recalled much faster
Pablo Fatas
I think nothing beats a well made video but a lot of these can feel slow or have a lot of filler. I feel I get more targeted and speicfic information when reading articles/blogs. But the best is always asking someone you know. Nothing beats a live human you can interact with :)
Arsen Misakyan
@pablo_fatas Yeah, I'm totally on board. Live human interaction is the best; but also a luxury nowadays:) I've had it a lot, when a 10-15 min discussion saves you hours of research time.
Pablo Fatas
@arsen_misakyan better information and in less time. What more could you ask for? Plus the social aspect is simply good for you in general
Dylan Merideth
@pablo_fatas fireship makes awesome videos for self-taught coders and formally taught coders alike
Pablo Fatas
@dylan_merideth I’ll check it out. Been wanting to get back into coding :)
Both can be equally good. I tend to write my learnings down, at the end of the day, imagine myself in a situation that requires it and use it... It helps remember it the next time the situation arises.
Arsen Misakyan
@boarzilla :)I write them down too. Got a pretty substantial "ideas/learnt stuff" stash: Google Docs, I Phone notes, Downloaded Podcasts with minute marks:)
Kashif Rasib
Depends what I'm doing, if it's a course I'm taking I like to have the books and the video material. However, if it's for some quick self learning on a topic, I prefer videos. Videos with examples of what's being explained help me understand the concept better, whereas from a book I may not be able to visualise how the concept is applied to the real world. Overall I find short videos easier to take in.
Arsen Misakyan
@kashif_12 Yup! Videos are more fun and are easier to digest. Especially, when you Google a topic and it returns a video with specific timestamp; that saves a lot of time.
Arun Pariyar
For abstract concepts I like to read because I can form my own imagination and build concepts. For hands on things I find videos best because they show you exactly how to get it done, which is really a timer saver. Followed by both is reinforcing by doing after all, practice makes perfect 🚲
Arsen Misakyan
@arunpariyar Bravo! Same here. Unless I execute what I've learnt, it's value vanishes over time.
Cris Barbs
Depends on what you need to learn, if you need a tutorial then videos are easy ones rather than reading.
Arsen Misakyan
@crissy_22 For tutorials, videos are the best! Text is overwhelming, especially when you're trying to find that "thing".
Paul VanZandt
I think videos end up being more effective, but I don't always have time for them. Because of this, I find myself reading blogs more often, but I get more out of the videos I watch.
Arsen Misakyan
@paul_vanzandt I kind of always do both. I YouTube it first, then Google it after.
I mostly watch videos and listen to podcasts. Since I started my own podcast ( I have been learning a lot by interviewing entrepreneurs :)
Arsen Misakyan
@tiagorbf I'm all down with the learn-by-teaching concept. It's been super effective for me.
David Babins
Perfecting and learning much more the improvements and Search expertise definitely helps learn new stuff and lots more! ... :) 21 Google Search Tips You'll Want to Learn | PCMagJan 24, 2022 — Here's how to get better results from a Google search. ... Super math nerds can create interactive 3D virtual objects (on desktop browsers ...
Arsen Misakyan
@david_babins The list is awesome. Google search operators rock! Sometimes it REALLY helps you to find the needle in the haystack.
Nicole Ogloza
Watching videos to me are great, but I feel like stuff sticks more when you read. To think of it, we naturally read more when it comes to being on the net all day!
Arsen Misakyan
@nicole_ogloza "being on the net all day!" - tell me about it:) I've started to scan the articles in "Z" pattern (diagonal). It kinda helps me to better manage my own "RAM":)
Nicole Ogloza
@arsen_misakyan ahahah "RAM" nice one! thanks for the tip on reading diagonally hehehe
Vaibhav Taneja
For me, watching videos is more interesting, because visuals attract me more than written content.
Arsen Misakyan
@vaibhav_taneja There you go:) Another "Yay" to videos. Videos, at this point, are winning this poll with 70%.
Gideon Oni-Becsen
I actually prefer to read articles and blog posts. I might just skim through or break it all down and digest the bits painstakingly. I feel like reading is more effective for me. The problem with video is that don't have the patience except it's a video less than 3 minutes.
Arsen Misakyan
@gideon_bcxa The good old CMD + F does wonders, doesn't it?:) With videos I do increase the speed a lot so I spend less time.
Philipp Stelzel
By doing it. And when I get stuck, I mostly prefer videos!
Arsen Misakyan
@philipp_stelzel You don't get value from what you've learnt, unless you put it to work, don't you?!
Tom Mahon
Both ways are great! I personally always learn better by doing something, I find setting myself a challenging small project that requires a new skill can really help me figure out where my skills need to be improved and work on them as the project goes on. Usually find that it's easier the learn saying "how do I do this specific thing" instead of just general googling/reading/viewing for a skill.
Arsen Misakyan
@tommahon Practice makes it perfect, doesn't it?!:)
Rich Watson
Seeing it helps learn it, rather than reading it.
Maxwell Davis
Usually through Podcasts or Audiobooks
Arsen Misakyan
@maxwellcdavis these have been great for me especially while cycling or driving. One downside though; it's hard to take notes:)