How do you keep your laptop cool during Summer?

Julie Chabin
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Hey there! I need your help: my MacBook pro was used to a very tempered climate (aka 🌧 weather) but I recently moved to a warmer region and it's clear that my laptop is not enjoying it at all. How do you keep your laptop from turning into a helicopter on fire? All recommendations welcomed (except the ones suggesting a new laptop 🙈) Thank you!


Mark Progano
Laptop standard are a great way. I’d also recommend using canned air to try and clean the fans in the back
Sahas Katta
Grab one of these USB laptop fans on Amazon:
Pek Pongpaet
@sahaskatta I also use a laptop fan rest and found that it helps
Rodolfo Rosini
- 5 fan laptop stand but not with plastic grips as the MBP is too heavy and will slide off - cleaning the fans (only this can knock off 40c) EDIT: I mean open the laptop and clean inside, outside fans not enough - iStat fan running at max 100% of the time
Rizwan Javaid
I must find out as well. For me Teams is the one that sets my laptop on fire. Since I have to use Teams for meetings I usually use a floor fan to cool the room. 😅
Nils Westhoff
I got an M1 from work and all my problems disappeared 😅
Yar Bose
@nils_westhoff @syswarren same. Used MacBook Pro 16". Summer is the worst time to work on this frying machine. Sold it. Bought m1. With the rest of the money I bought a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Now I'm happy :)
Nilan Marktanner
I've been planning to bring my laptop to an Apple Store, it's around 60 Euro where I live to have it dusted + cleaned. But it can take up to 2 weeks...
Bastien Bourdon
My teammates and I were discussing literally the same thing today! Our Macbook Pros (2020) are heating up a lot these days! We're trying to track down whether this is due to a particular software or app, but it seems the only difference has been the weather/room temperature ☀️🔥
Charles Han
Use laptop feet/holder that raises the laptop. Combine that with a fan blowing on the side and you're set. I used a MacBook Pro 15 (2015) during the heatwave and this solved my MacBook throttling problem I know you said you don't want new laptop recommendations but I just sold my laptop to get the M1 MacBook Air. It's 3 times faster and consumes significantly less power which means less heat!
-Don"t put it on a soft underlay or in the sun -Make the room cooler (Airco/Air) where your Laptop is -Don"t let it on the whole day if you"re not using it
Hemanth G
Just uninstalled Chrome, and things cooled down pretty much instantly.
Julie Chabin
@hemanthg4 Maybe uninstalling Chrome will solve climate change!
Winitri Ann
Maybe with "Clean My Mac" 👍
Micky Thompson
Hello, @syswarren I recommend Turbo Boost Switcher Pro for the MacBook if you are running an Intel processor. The software allows you to disable Turbo Boost causing your computer to run cooler. One of the best $9.95 I have ever spent on technology as my computer no longer sounds like a helicopter taking off and I may be able to get another year of out it!
Yoan Almeida
I have the same issue with my 16" macbook pro and this is what I have been doing for the past few months: - Power your macbook from the right side - Regularly check the activity monitor of the mac when it is hot to identify the applications that would cause it - SMC reset - Use apps like Clean My Mac
Xavier Coiffic
From my previous experience: 1/ Use a laptop stand and if you get one with a fan that would be better 2/ Get rid of Chrome. Dunno why but this turns the Macbook to sound like a jet fighter engine. 3/ Avoid placing the Macbook on the bed, pillows or anything which can block the air vents. 4/ Get your Macbook fans cleaned regularly. 5/ Work in front of your Fan or A/C 😛
Alex Napier Holland
Great question. I'm a 'digital nomad' (ugh!) and live in Bali - where there are TONNES of dying computers and fried power supplies. Honestly, I'm at the point where I only want to work in air-conditioned, Western-style coworking spaces. And many are shifting that way. And I want a room in my property that's cool, sealed, and where I can work free from hot, humid air. Obviously all the tips about monitor stands are helpful - but not quite enough for Bali IMO.
Bilal Chaglani
Kill Apps when not in use, especially browsers. Try a cache cleaner app for Mac and also a fan controller app online. Fan controller apps let you start the fan rotation earlier and also control speed, that way it won't end up getting super hot all of a sudden.
Derek Kinsman
I try and leave my computer powered off as much as possible, I don't leave it on a surface that retains heat (my lap, &c) while working, if possible I also work outside of work hours so I can be using it when the temperature is a bit lower, I try and keep the number of running apps to a minimum (Chrome, Docker, Adobe, most Chromium/Electron apps all get quit).
João Soares
Same here, AC in the house, stand with fans. Any 15” or 16” post 2017 Macbook Pro will have that issue. The new M1 Macbook Pro or Air fix all that beautifully.
Andy Dent
I use an inverted wire basket as a laptop stand. Cost me nothing and keeps my Macbook high enough there's great circulation underneath - I have one old mid-2014 model that's driving two external monitors, so the fan goes on sometimes. I'm in Perth, Western Australia and don't have AC on in the office most of the time, unless it hits 32C inside.
Alex Terentiev
I am working only at night, somewhere underground