How do you keep creative juices flowing when working at home?

Biema Christina Banez
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We know that productivity is a daily challenge for remote workers. I am guilty. So I am curious how you guys keep productivity at peak (or at a functioning level, at least) while working remotely? A good night's sleep and a cup of coffee/matcha are great boosts for me. How about you?


Brenna Donoghue
Create distraction free focused time... and then take breaks.
Biema Christina Banez
@brenna_donoghue i totally agree, but its still a challenge for me until now. but i see it working! ;)
Brenna Donoghue
@bibim_banez Oh I get it. Some days it goes better than others!
Naomi Chao
Queue up a tv series and force myself to work for the length of an episode before I get to watch. Or listen to military anthems to hype myself up 😂
Akash Zaveri
Owning my morning helps me be more productive throughout the day. Accomplishing hard tasks as soon as I wake up sets the right tone for me.
Omri Tamir
Making sure you're laser-focused on your goals and have a clear idea of what you have to do is a must. If you feel lost for even a moment, productivity goes down the drain.
Nyla Chughtai
You'll want to set limits for your food consumption just as you wish to remain focused on your work productivity. Despite this, you still need to eat. One benefit of working from home is preparing fresh, healthful meals.
Biema Christina Banez
@nyla_chughtai 'a healthy mind lives in a healthy body' science agrees with this.
Qudsia Ali
When working from home, establishing a work-life balance is essential; one of the best ways to do this is by setting boundaries. Get organized before starting work. Take some time to organize your materials, remove unnecessary clutter, and schedule times each day to focus on specific tasks.
Michael Silber
I challenge this statement: "We know that productivity is a daily challenge for remote workers." The studies show that people are generally MORE productive (13%) from home. So give yourself a break, take a walk, or exercise.
Alex Robinson
@product_at_producthunt It's not just that people are more productive at home--they're also more engaged and less likely to quit. So if you're feeling burned out, it might be time to consider working from home.
Aaron O'Leary
Exercise is a good one for me, If I ever have a creative block something as simple as a long walk gets my creative juices pumping again!
Gavin Hammar
Make a prioritized list of tasks, then block off 30-minute slots in your calendar throughout the day. Then use Pomodoro to focus and smash each task!
Michael M
- I drink coffee or mate strategically: only when I need it most, usually not in the morning. - I use noise cancelling headphones (even if I work alone) - Sometimes I listen to music, without any lyrics. Search for "study / work music" on youtube. - I tried pomodoro method few times and these days were very productive for me.
Margarita Shvetsova
Understanding your most productive hours (for me it's 10am to 5pm with energy going down fast after 6pm) and having breaks before your brain starts slowing down :) that's what works for me. And of course being excited or at least interested in your work, because when one feels their work is dumb and meaningless, their productivity naturally falls down. But I hope it's not the case :)
Peter Douglas Ross
Work on a new project... unfortunately that's not always an option.
Audree Lapierre
Close the laptop when you need to think!
Sarvam Fating
I mostly hit the gym 4-5x/week and get building and selling Notion Templates. 😛
Rich Watson
Sometimes ideas and features or improvements just randomly hit me- I wish I could lock in on what caused it so I have hack into that.
Madeleine Lamou
Love everyone's suggestions. One small trick I'd add is to get your body moving during those small breaks (I personally like to take 2-10 min breaks every 30-60 min) + add an inversion pose to increase circulation & energy levels (doesn't have to be a handstand – downward dog, legs up the wall, forward fold or even just a simple child's pose will do just fine).
Ilya Uglianitsa
The thing that works for me, if i feel stuck, is changing the envoriment. The thing is at home there are a lot of distractions - food, "oh, i need to clean this", youtube on tv, etc. And they all will play out, if you are procrastinating. So what i do, i eleminate this distractions. I just go to a local coworking or cafe. Basically, on this areas you have nothing to do but work 😅 Pro tip: go to your local library, if you have one. All of that would not save the day, but some work done is better that no work done
Biema Christina Banez
@ilya_uglianitsa couldn't agree more! Working from home is challenging. "hey, clean me!" and "you can rest here and get comfy" are waving from all corners. I'm not alone! :D I'd probably go for the local library tip.
Social Talent
I use Pomodoro technique and Social Suite, which helps me keep on top of all my social media management, marketing, monitoring, messaging, and merchant activities online at one glance:
Arya Vahedi
Actually, it's really hard to be creative when you are alone at home because lots of ideas come to mind when you are in face-to-face interaction with people. but combining focused time and taking breaks will help you a lot. If you want a massive torrent of ideas in your mind I suggest you to do something related to your body during your break times; something like Yoga, meditation, or even any kind of body training, for example jumping rope, running, and etc.
Jimmy Spikes
I always keep an inspiration of my project near me.