How do you give back?

Tim Fern
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I truly believe most people want to leave the world a better place then they found it. Getting involved in communities like PH can be a great way to give back and build meaningful relationships. Finding local nonprofits to volunteer with is another great option. Where do you like to invest your time and resources making the world better than you found it?


Dawn Veltri
I volunteer and speak frequently in the childhood cancer space. And forever volunteering at my children's schools. Kambeo looks pretty amazing. Auction software and volunteer management all in one place! 🙌
Tim Fern
@dawn_veltri1 Amazing! I've spent time supporting the cancer space, too. Foundation 58 supports the First Responder community, particularly Firefighters who have a stat sig higher likelihood to be diagnosed with cancer.
Samson Godstime Adarighofua
Well what we do is organize a free seminar for the less privileged to learn some skills and empower some of them with the tools necessary to start up.....
Tim Fern
@samora Awesome! Do you have any links you could share?!
Rich Watson
Each month we have a poll in our Discord to select which organization we donate a percentage of membership proceeds to.