I knew it didn't go well....

Tim Fern
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I had just presented a new product idea to a VC. I thought I nailed it. The problem was relevant, the opportunity size was meaningful, and it could scale. I paused and waited for the questions. I heard my least favorite words.... "If I understand this correctly?" It was the diplomatic version "that doesn't make any sense." Have you had similar experiences?


Daniel Engels
I got such reactions, but never when facing a VC.
Ezzat Suhaime
Look, I've never had to actually pitch in front of a VC, but I have had to pitch for hackathons and such. I wouldn't other think. They're probably just trying to clarify and not be demeaning.
Nabeel Amir
I guess it happens to a lot of people. We are usually confident about our idea, but the VC does not consider it viable. Although it never happened to me. But it's OK. If you have trust in your idea, keep working on it.