How do you get the list of Shopify stores to crawl? Reverse IP or?

Sanaz Bidad
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Fabian Maume
It is possible to get via reverse IP as they are all on the same IP: If you have the budget you can go for BuiltWith database, it will also include information about their tech spend and web traffic estimate.
@fabian_maume all web traffic estimates are as useless as each other IMO. Only you and google, assuming you have Analytics installed, will know the real numbers. Not sure I understand the reverse IP issue? Aren't all Shopify stores on the same IP? How about using a Google search or search script?
Fabian Maume
@dara_burke1 All Shopify store are on the same IP, so you just need to reverse the IP. The Myip link I included in first message should help you.