How do you fit the new emerging social platforms in your Strategy ?

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I have noticed the role played by not some new and some not as new platforms in the lead generation brand awareness of some business such as Discord, Telegram or twitter space . Some play the role of community nurturing and some others are lead gene Tools ! I know that some of this platforms are very popular in NFT, Crypto or blockchain . I am very curious to know for you how your industry /business is fitting them in their marketing ? Do you use only traditional platforms FB,IG?


Maxwell Davis
I think it depends on what your brand is. One of the products I'm building is a Twitch Extension so it's gaming based, meaning that Discord will be our main platform.
@maxwellcdavis thanks Max, for sharing your POV and what are you currently doing for your product :) very good move with Discord , you may want to add telegram as it seems very high with some gamers and content creator .
Vedran Rasic
I might be totally wrong on this but = you don't! :) You see where your audience spends time and you focus on a single channel. Once you are recognizable there you either double-down or you de-risk by moving to a second platform. Or at least that's what I've been successfully doing for the past 6 years in SaaS B2B.
@vedranrasic very good move, for sure you need to check what is working and focus on , but in some new industries such as Meta, you need to try many things as it is gamers led and crypto driven ... two different audiences / platforms :)
Vanshika Chaturvedi
It is really difficult to actually go out on every popular social media platform and reach out to the audience there. I feel it is always better to figure out where your business would thrive, narrow down your target to one or two social media platforms and conquer those before moving on to the next one!
@vanshika_chaturvedi very true but meanwhile if you are a new business and you are in an innovative field, then it worth going for one or two platforms where the audiences is hanging and explore new things and attract the new leads ! but when you are a established brand/business with minimum community , you need to laser focus on your choice.
Qudsia Ali
It depends from Business to Business and where your target market is. Fitting the newly emerging social platforms in your strategy becomes irrelevant when your audience is not using that platform. So the best way is only to incorporate those platforms that resonate with your Business and audience.
@qudsia_ali I would agree to a certain point but then you may need to explore beyond your initial audience like gaming industry where they focus on community group on their platform or Discord but now they expand to Youtube and FB /IG to get more adopters ! NFT is another one where all where hanging on openSea or Solana but few are sticking to Twitter space now and more are joining ! be the leader or the follower in your strategy in another aspect!