🔥 How do you find what traction channel works best for your startup?

Vio Vanica
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I am reading the book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and I found it very insightful in terms of getting ideas for early traction. He tells that everyone approaches traction channels with biases, and tries things that they know. He suggests using The Bullseye Framework for finding your best traction channel. Step 1: Brainstorm Step 2: Rank Step 3: Prioritize Step 4: Test Step 5: Focusing Step 6: Repeat the process Was wondering what is the best channel of traction for your business? How did you find it? (I am aware that it can be different from business to business). Thank you for your openness to share your stories. Cheers, Vio


Shiva Prabhakaran
Gabriel's books are excellent. You should look at competition and hedge your bets on those same platforms if you are bootstrapped. If you're venture funded then you have a bigger room for experimentation.
Yehoshua Zlotogorski
Agreed it's an excellent book. Also just covered our journey at Alpe Audio on reaching 10k users here: https://medium.com/swlh/bootstra...
@yehoshua_zlotogorski This is some real great stuff that you shared. I wrote to you on Twitter as well and would like to connect to continue learning from your scaling experiences. Cheers Nilova