How do you engage your team at the workplace?

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One of the problems we are trying to solve with Ricotta Games and Trivia ( is to create a sense of belonging for employees, especially with remote teams. What ideas, unique ways do you use to increase employee engagement, onboard new hires faster and reinforce company values and culture?


Valerie Borshch
Read more on onboarding processes. We're at tea, got different tools like: - Peopleforce for managing employees, to get acquaintanced with newbies and engage personally with the team - Miro (for now) to organize different workflows on different topics - Jira for programmers BUT our HRs mostly do all those valuable work with onboarding ^^
Jason Cavness
I would ask your people what they want to do to increase employee engagement.
@jasoncavness Do take a look at what we do at, we are still building several features/improvements that would address this problem.
Matthew Johnson
We have a Tandem 2.0 channel devoted to co-working where we can sit in the same room virtually while we work and share playlists. It sounds crazy but it really works for us
David J. Kim
-Make sure everyone feels valued by taking their opinion/feedback seriously. -Everyone can have a good idea. Make sure you give people a space to share them without being dominated by extroverts. -And last but not least, try having a social every week.