How do you commute to work?

Dani Ioscovich
18 replies
And why?:)


Kamila Klavíková
I work from home for now. It would be weird if I ride my kickscooter at home ( ◠‿◠ ).
Manoj Ranaweera
Work from home. My office is 25 miles away.
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
By bus, because it's the most convenient:)
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I usually get to the office on foot, but when the weather doesn't allow it, I take the bus :)
Johann Molinari
Subway or personal bicycle depending on the weather 3 days per week. 2 days work from home.
Alexandra Kazakova
I walk from my bedroom to my home office :)
Stefan Morris
34 stairs.. from my bedroom, down to my office :)
Most of our employees work remotely.
Aurelian Spodarec
Helicopter. The place I worked had a helipad. I paid £250 per flight - a tax write-off for me anyway. Nah, just kidding. I commute by walk. To the other room. :D Though in reality... I used to commute by walk and tram in Manchester, UK.
Reuben Carter
I work from home, and save a load of time and money!
At the moment I'm still working from I walk up the stairs to my office 😁
Ng Fang Kiang
Work remotely from anywhere.
Rucha Joshi
I work from home. But when I had to commute, it was with an Uber.
Shany Hordan
The bus is convenient