Are there any university students PLUS makers here?

Dani Ioscovich
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What do you study and what are you working on? What is your number one tip for juggling between the two?


Tom Hanks
Love books
i am here
Cathrine McKartney
NY designer
I recently went to a university with a religious bias and have been doing additional readings in archaeology and medicine. I like the fact that my hobbies are intertwined with the subjects at university. It's convenient when you have time to do things you're interested in or visit places in the city. In fact, I started the new academic year at Najaf and I'm really excited about the things they teach. I'm a historian and an archaeology buff, so I'm thinking about studying for a minor or taking a history course there. Very surprisingly, I never got the impression that the university is somehow moving away from a religious education. On the contrary, everything is there and in moderation. I like the fact that there are courses that come easily to me because there is an interest in studying a related field.
Musafa Albaghdadi
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