How do I add live chat on my website?

Denny Dicosta
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You have a lot of tool for adding live chat to your website. Most of the time you just have a JS code to add or a plugin to install :)
Stefan Hancar
i can help you if you want same live chat as i have on my website, i use live chat from
Rashmi Gupta
Use drift, its so simple, just a copy paste, anyone can do it.
Oleksii Pikurov
You can try the MyChat website support button that we made for ourselves, but eventually, we offer it to our customers so they can use it for their customers :D Anyways, here is more info on this tool —
Fabian Maume
We are using User.comn but there are many solutions for that out there. You can just check G2 crowd page about it:
Jing Hu
If your project is D2C, and if you happen using FB Business for social media marketing, then FB messenger would be a great all in one option for you. Otherwise, I know Zendesk could be a good one, because it includes chat + knowledge base, where your customer could do some self-help before they asked questions... But truth to be told, if I can speak with a human being, I wouldn't use self-help 😜
Try using Outgrow! Its super easy to embed their chatbots...just copy paste the code and you are done!
Jason Grills
Adding a live chat on your website is quite an easily task to do. All you have to do is: 1. Select the right tool. 2. Sign up for live chat software. 3. Customize it as per your likes and website theme. 4. Go to installation section and copy the code. 5. Next, go to your website’s backend and paste the code. 6. Save the changes and enable the chat from its dashboard. And its done. It is really simple to add a chat widget to your website. But it also depends on which one you add. To learn more you can watch this video to learn how to add live chat to your website in a matter of few minutes.
Nikita Dutta
You can certainly add live chat to your website. Many businesses are using it to improve their sales and get more qualified leads online. One of the most popular live chat software is offered by Chat Metrics. They offer 24/7 assistance by experienced and knowledgeable agents who are available all the time on your website to instantly answer any question asked by your website visitors. Check
Nikita Dutta
Live chat can be very rewarding for businesses who want to have an impactful customer care system online, offering their website visitors a great user experience. Chat Metrics ( offers the best online live chat software with 24/7 managed support from experienced agents. All you need to do is get in touch with them to add their software to your website, and they will do the entire setup for you.
Henry Robinson
Adding live chat services of Chat Metrics ( to your website is incredibly easy. All you need to do is copy a good provided by the service providers and paste it into your website to make the tool work.
Adriel Cruz
Have you tried ? They can help you to add a live chat on your website. Also, lots of great features as well. Hope this helps!
Rachelle sy
RumbleTalk has an effecient support team that can help you with integrating their chat on your website or any platform. You can just get your free chat on their website and follow these steps