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Hey, my name is Greg and I’m the founder of UserEngage. UserEngage is made for people who need a simple marketing automation instead of huge enterprise systems yet don't want to sacrifice effectiveness. It's an all in one solution that is easy to use, affordable and effect oriented Our goal is to maximize your revenue growth in the least time possible. Period. If you conversion does not rise, we guarantee refund. Here is a quick demo of how you can engage Product Hunters during your launch
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@grzegorz_warzecha Congrats! UserEngage is a very useful tool when it comes to marketing automation, so I wish you all the best! Good luck guys :)
@grzegorz_warzecha great hustle man with a great product !
@grzegorz_warzecha Great product! Fingers crossed!
If you're looking for an alternative to tools like Intercom, which recently has some reliability problems, UserEngage is that, and much more. Basically, it's customer communication and marketing automation at your fingertips, with a chat widget for your website and the possibility to lay out your customers' journey through your website from onboarding to a successful sale.
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@tjurek Thank you!
@tjurek What reliability problems?
We use Intercom at Product Hunt and I've found it really good with everything from outreach to live chat to emails and everything else... What does this have that Intercom cannot do?
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@bentossell Drag & drop marketing automation. Check it out especially for Product Hunters:
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@martdebska @bentossell My company has been using Intercom for about 10 months and we really enjoy all the features. It would take a lot to get us to migrate at this point BUT UserEngage pricing is very attractive compared to what we're paying at Intercom. Just signed up to test it out.
@freemanlafleur @martdebska @bentossell Happy to hear that, lots of our customers migrate from Intercom. Really hope you will like the app. Let us know if you need anything :)
@jestemlech @freemanlafleur @martdebska @bentossell tbh this functionality is intriguing enough for us too in order to test userengage. Hope it works like a charm. Plus pricing is really attractive, as mentioned above. (at the end of the day, competition makes companies try harder :) )
We are currently implementing this software. It's outstanding how powerful it can be! Knowledge about our customers = users s priceless. Thanks to UE team we know how to modify pricing, help them start with our product and understand their needs! Whats more, the team offer full support which is very valuable.
Using userengage for ,affordable solution end to end from analytics ,live chat ,email marketing,re engage customers etc very much loved it ,
@vinothtimes Happy to hear that! Thank your for support!