How do get the most out of your weekends?

Nim Ron
4 replies
To wind down, prepare for the week ahead or just have fun - what are your tips?


Dani Ioscovich
Analyst and Med Student
I make some big plans in advance but also keep some time open for any spontaneous fun or rest
Adi Bhatnagar
Making Impact | Co-author
Keeping time free to pen-down thoughts and to retrospect the week.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Team Lead @ Amy
During the week, I try to plan at least one fun activity for the weekend, and then I usually try to fit in a workout as well. Also, I like to review the schedule for the coming week on Saturday night (end of the week here in Israel) so that I can better transition from the weekend to the week.
Nim Ron
Co-Founder & CEO of Amy
@lior_galante_cohen Thanks for sharing this Lior! And working out during the weekend is definitely a great use of this time! Have a great week:)