How did you reached your first 100 customers?

Ali Rashidy
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Currently, I reached my 47th customer, my goal is to reach 100 customers by the end of this month, so I hope you can share your stories on how you reached your first 100 customers to motivate those who are on that journey (me included).


Abdul Qadir
Facebook Groups - being active in the right groups and adding value helped us get our first 100 sites. Now at 1500.
Akarsh Jha
Engagement and offering the human-to-human connection. People relate to humans, not a website or an app. If you can create a compelling story behind your platform, and be extremely responsive and accommodating/receptive to customer feedback, customers will take notice and relate to your mission and word of mouth marketing can likely get you to your first 100
Ali Rashidy
@akarsh_jha That's both inspiring and informative, I can totally agree that H2H should be the way marketing works too, thanks for the valuable comment.
Prabhat Sahu
By posting on various channels like PH, indie hacker, reddit, slack, FB groups etc. Create blogs which explain your value proposition and send it out to the world.