How did you make your first $ on the internet?

Sydney Cohen
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Personally, putting aside e-commerce transactions (ebay etc), I did my first dollar on the internet by promoting Udemy courses on a blog I created yeaaars ago: So the very first time I made money online was through affiliate marketing !


Christoph Paterok
In 2006 with Google AdSense :)
Christoph Paterok
@chnsydney Not really proud of it 😅 Just some spammy SEO things with high volume keywords.
gerry martinez
@chnsydney 12 years ago i made my first dollar with firefox download, Google was paying one dollar for every firefox download plus 2 dollar for every google satellite map software download. Then i learn adsense, after one year i was making 6 figure a year with 100k monthly unique visits 20cents to 1$ cpc. The search ranking was easy to trick on that time then came the panda on 2011 and my website was hit by 2012. Adsense still active you may give it a try.
Adrian Topka
By some freelance website offers, and launched my first iOS app (for the crossfitters)
Uku Kudu
How to play guitar affiliate marketing. We had a website that produced guitar chords. The sad truth is we stopped because we thought that it takes too long to make serious money. Long story short. If we would have kept going then we would have been rich now. :D Lesson learned. Never quit too soon.
Sydney Cohen
@uku_kudu thats interesting ! Same happened with me with elearning affiliate, took like 12 months to make the first sales and by then I was already looking at doing something else. Great lesson indeed !
Uku Kudu
@chnsydney Yeah. We where like: "Hey man, it takes little over one year to make 3k per month. We find something better..." 9 years later I am still not making 3k per month 🤣🤣
Fernando Pessagno
Back in 2018 shortly after launching ResumeMaker.Online 2.0
Isabel Nyo
I had Adsense on my blog. It was back when I didn’t know much about digital products. Now is where I make internet $$ by selling digital products
Ovidiu Stoica
Created a haircut salon management application for somebody on the internet as a freelancer. That's when I thought "I better get to building a product cause freelancing is hard :D"
Arko Ganguli
gold tribute on Age of empires multiplayer mode when I was a kid :D Seriously though it was on upwork
Bob Mungia
I used to write assignment for guys.
Sydney Cohen
@bob_mungia what kind ? give us more details !
Jaskiran Kaur
Few years ago an app named hike was introduced to me , it was a messenger app , quite interactive than WhatsApp , they started a campaign to get more people on hike. They sent messages to user that they can earn money if they get new users to download and register for their , I earned few buck. That was my first money from internet. I recharged my brothers phone 2 times and my father's one time.
Vishwajeet Raj
I was looking for my 1st Freelance gig. It took me a month to get a single client. But it was great, huge, and amazing. I had to rewrite CSS for a web app 160 pages. I posted 100 bids (that's the limit at for 1 month in some xyz membership i took). Only 2 of the replied and hired me.
Cao Văn Thanh
@vishwajeet_raj11 I feel become gig freelancer is hard because the price is too cheap, so I focus on my product to hire them
Selling icon on iconfinder. Next step is making illustrations :)
Sydney Cohen
@jacquelinclem As a designer this is pretty cool. Which Icon did you sell first ?
Jaga Deep
Fiverr - web development.
Wesley Ross
Advertising freelance dev work on Craigslist in 2008, first client was a patent troll... :D
Darren Marshall
Selling screen printed tees of web-font ampersands back in 2007.
Sydney Cohen
@darren_marshall this makes me think: Printed t-shirt back in the time are today's NFT 😂, let's launch a font token 🚀
Savio ❤️
I was able to win AWS Amplify hackathon on March 4, 2021. I won $1000, it is my first money and the biggest price till date.
Sydney Cohen
@saviomartin amazing ! I've seen many successful startups who initially met at hackathons
Nick Sheriff
I was a domainer in 2000 at 15 year old, buying and selling domain names. ( back then there were mostly just top level extensions .com .net .org and the iPhone didn't exist, and although I was a ui/ux designer in training and did generate income from various websites in my portfolio most of my revenue came from my portfolio of over 5,000 domain names that I registered, bought and sold at a very high profit margin. - Ha good times.
Sydney Cohen
@appledev86 so interesting. What kind of prime domain did you sell ?? Do you still own some ?
Nick Sheriff
@chnsydney Ha so many I was working on brokering and at one time, years later on I focused on something called back ordering of expiring domains but my primary focus was on going to registers marketplaces and buying about to expire domain names for pennies and selling them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars before they expired and I had to pay the yearly registration fee. Additionally I also would actually travel to supermarkets in 2000 and check packages of actual products to see if the domain names were expired by the co's and register them and park them or try and sell it back to the co's.
Selling custom URLs on generated my first income, back in 2018. To this day, the site still brings in ramen money and delivered lots of spam free messages :)
Sydney Cohen
@tonixx So simple yet so efficient. Pretty cool ! did you ever share how much money you made from this project ?
@chnsydney Thx! Yah, made it to scratch my own itch :) A custom link is $19, so that's how much I made initially. These days it brings an average of $300/month
@chnsydney Please get in touch if you want a custom contact link: All of these are still available: sydney, cohen, chnsydney :) PS: I can hook you up for free
@chnsydney Please create a contact link, confirm your email and then share the link here or send it to me via my contact link I'll then upgrade it to "sydney" :)
Nathan Covert
Selling logos on Twitter