[THREAD] Share your MVP here:

Sydney Cohen
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I'll start, we are a slack bot that allows developers team to create channel for every github pull request in order to ship code faster: www.axolo.co


Shharrnam Chhatpar
AnalyticsVerse is a SaaS product that improves productivity of Software Teams and provides 100% visibility into progress of teams, projects and developers. Website Link: https://analyticsverse.com
Axolo sounds sharp Sydney Cohen! Im not technical so I cant comment anymore... My project is Cheeky - www.joincheeky.com Cheeky supports individuals entering, experiencing and exiting romantic relationships..
sulyman moyo
@gogloballakshmi Interesting value proposition, You built it with No code?
sulyman moyo
NFT Hunt is a platform for NFT Discovery. As the NFT Market is currently saturated, NFT Hunt is a filter you get a daily dose of 10 New NFT's. You can also Submit your NFT so it can be featured on NFT Hunt. https://nfthunt.softr.app/
Prateek Mathur
Helping founders build and grow sales - activatedscale.com
Lulu Cheng
Low code SaaS platform for small businesses: https://apiobuild.com/ Our first MVP workflow enables anyone to create online store with google sheet with full payment integration and payment integration in a few clicks.
Semyon Fast
Red Hood, audio navigation for citizens. We have attentive audiocommands even off the route and custom geomarkers. You are welcome to check! Web (Android app as well): https://red-hood.webflow.io/