How did you decide to work on the thing you're working on now?

janet yen
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Making a product is a heavy energy and time investment. What was the tipping point that brought you to the decision that it was worth putting in the time. It can be company, product, podcast, newsletter, etc. What tipped you over to start and continue at it? 🚀


Veer Dosi
Depends on priorities and other commitmnets
David Berkowitz
For my community, I had thought about launching Serial Marketers for a couple of years before I did it. After a startup I was with ran out of funding, I had a little more time to try something new, so I put up one post on LinkedIn sharing my idea for a new community and adding a form for people to request access. That one day -- July 10, 2018 -- set everything in motion for the past 3 years.
janet yen
@dberkowitz Wow, I love it. I'm hearing that a lot - about it needing to be the right time. It's been incredible being in your thriving community.