Are you working on a new project and tinkering?

janet yen
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So many people are starting new projects and tinkering? I love it. Must be the summer weather. 🏝 Are you working on something new? Share what it is!


Jas Hothi
My activity *definitely* increases in the Summer / wanes in the Winter. I'm mostly getting my book finished, whilst I feel out a blog re-design/re-brand in the background (:
Kirsten Lambertsen
Happy August :-) I started and have been growing - a place for people with passions of all kinds to find (and fund) their next favorite creator.
Misha Krunic
After more than 10 years with Price2Spy which is basically a very complex bot, I started working on a new project - a bot protection score service
Akinori Nakajima
We recently launched VoicePing is an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package — all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations! Do let me know if you have any feedback? Thanks.