How did it feel to get your first paying customer?

Akash Hamirwasia
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Curious to know how other makers felt when they got their first paying customer for their new product 🙂


Alexander Borsuk
I had this hyperbolized sense of responsibility. We were launching a grocery delivery service and so we couldn't screw it up. But we screwed up anyway :) But that's another story.
Akash Hamirwasia
@alexander_borsuk Oh I see. When I made my first sale, I immediately stated doubting the potential of my product and thinking that it would be an underwhelming experience for the customer!
Akash Hamirwasia
@alexander_borsuk I think it was the fear of launching something for the first time. It wasn't that I didn't believe in my product. Just that I didn't want the customer to have expected something different than what my product actually did, and feel they made a wrong purchase.
Alexander Borsuk
@akashhamirwasia I see. In any case, it's wildly fascinating, I think once you get your first payment for your product, you won't stop trying to make something successful. Even if you don't succeed on your first try
Vivek Ganesan
@akashhamirwasia This is a fear you and I have in common, I guess :) Can you also share how did you go about getting that first customer? I am trying to get initial users for Notesally and can use your advice. Thanks in advance, Akash :)
Kamila Klavíková
I felt excited 🤩! We hadn't introduced pricing yet so it was double surprise. It was a huge motivation booster 💪. After that I worked about three times more intensively.
Samuel Bailey
Getting my first paying customer felt like a thrilling validation of my hard work and ideas, a palpable mix of euphoria and relief that someone found enough value in what I had created to invest their hard-earned money into it.