How can you manage time while working remotely?

Simay Bozkurt
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Hidayt Rahman
It's great if you're working sync
Joseph Kibunja
1. Schedule your time into sessions. 2. Avoid/keep away all distractions sources when working. Helps you to focus on tasks more.
Alessandra Mikail
Set yourself a routine and follow it
Uday Patel
I would say make a list and prioritize the list, and divide your time accordingly.
Paula Vazquez
Prioritizing is the key. If you learn to prioritize not only your time management will improve but also your results :)
Hassaan Ahmad
Setting daily tangible targets work for me. And need a work table preferably to avoid getting distracted.
Nick Mazikov
You just have to set aside time to work and stick to it. Protect yourself from extraneous interference and make sure nothing distracts you
Try taking short breaks frequently! - Maybe 5-10 minute breaks every 1 to 1.5 hours. I find this helps me to be more productive when I'm in work-mode; keeps me a little more active throughout the day. Also, try to have a standing-desk setup that you can go back and forth with throughout the day. - If you can get by doing SOME of your work with just a laptop (and just the one screen), you can get a $30 music stand which works as a pretty great temporary standing desk. Or get two music stands for notebooks/etc. or your second laptop! I like to be mobile around the house with my setup, chasing the sunshine! Work for the first hour of the day on your front or back porch! Move between your office/kitchen/living room. Experiment and see what works for you.
Syed Muhammad Shoaib Iqbal Shah
Remote time management is both difficult and fascinating.
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Ágh Helmut
I have the advantage of not having a "traditional" workplace ever. I started as a freelancer, later became a Web design and development agency owner and now, I'm a SaaS entrepreneur. Because of my previous experiences, it's pretty easy for me to work remotely... even if I don't have to do anything, my day is completely scheduled in Notion. I think with time, people learn that the only way to be productive is to manage your time correctly and your habits form according to your goals.
Aphelia T.
Frankly, at times poorly. Yet when realizing the value of own time, it does bring back to earth - working effectively is possible during a specific set of hours. So it's better be rational about your activities and tasks. No matter how cliché try to find work-life balance, otherwise, you may end up being in the constant loop of work-work, and life won't feel so nice after all. As of the tasks management, I personally go with Timesheet []. We got this product ready recently, and this feels like a great addition to improve the workflow :)
You have to be very dissipated.
Kate Santoro
I've been working mostly remotely for over two years now and as someone who gets distracted easily, these are my tips. - Have a dedicated workspace so you can separate "at work" at "at home" even if you do both at home. - Create a to-do list. I do this on paper and use the bullet style. It helps me visualize what I need to do and break down my day into sections. - Use music to motivate you and act as kind of a subconscious time tracker. For example, I know X album is more or less an hour long, how much can I accomplish during that time? Also, I like to sometimes mix up my music depending on the task I'm working on and the vibe I need. When reading or doing research for example I like to put something without vocals, or a chill album I know inside out where the words don't distract me. - Take mini breaks every 1-1.5 hours or so. It's important for me to stand up a bit and stretch. And I try to accomplish stuff during those breaks. For example, let me take 5 minutes to load the laundry in the washer, or to drink more water. Accomplishing tiny personal tasks helps motivate me even more at work because I feel more productive. And I find myself working better knowing that at the end of the hour I can reset for a few minutes. - Use "focus time" on Slack. It's super easy to get distracted from a task because a colleague asks a question or someone is just chatting in the team channel. I sometimes block out time on Slack as "Focus" and pause notifications so I can work on something without the constant pings. - Have daily meetings with your team. We do this each morning to explain what we did yesterday and what we plan to do today. It helps you feel more accountable to know that your team will be checking in each morning and will want to know what you've done.
Murali Gottumukkala
I have blocks of time where I manage my time efficiently by picking p times and meetings where I need lot of collaboration and when I can work in my space to get the tasks, I kind of push it to late in the day
Around my 'normal' life tbh. I'm a big fan of front-loadings my days, I start early, get everything done asap - but still around exercise, chores, this and that :)
Sherzod Khoshimov
1. Set specific working hours and stick to them 2, Prioritize tasks and focus on the most important ones first 3. Use a time tracking tool to monitor your progress and stay on task 4. Take regular breaks to refresh your mind and avoid burnout 5. Establish clear boundaries between work and personal time to maintain a healthy work-life balance
Create deadlines for myself. Make them slightly challenging to keep me focused and produce my best work. I reward myself if I meet my goals. I generally create deadlines for things every other day. My work mostly involves writing, so if I give myself more than a couple days to accomplish something, I don't feel the need to jump on it right away.
Simon Miller
All this is possible if you prioritize correctly. I had two options for remote work. The first is a classic day at the office just from home.. The second option is a free schedule.. I had to control myself but I preferred to leave this option. So I can leave home if necessary or take a break and visit the website. Yes, working hours are a little stretched out when viewed as a whole, but I'm glad that I have the opportunity to carve out a few hours for an afternoon nap or an early morning date)