How can you find Hunters and tips to reach them?

Amanda Tunner
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Hi guys, my app is about to launch next week and I'm looking for some help from Hunters (especially those who are working in the marketing industry). Could you please recommend to me where to find them and also some tips to engage with?


Fabian Maume is the website to use. What is your product? Maybe I could help with the hunt?
Amanda Tunner
@fabian_maume thank Fabrian, this site is pretty helpful. My product is a marketing tool for Shopify merchants, which can help them to track customers' behavior and send automated emails/SMS accordingly. This is our upcoming page: You can also can learn more here:
Fabian Maume
@amanda_tunner I do not mind hunting it for you, but my profile doesn't have such a big follower base yet.
Amanda Tunner
@fabian_maume hi Fabian, that's a very kind offer and getting anyone to hunt my product is such an honor 😁
Amanda Tunner
@fabian_maume Hi Fabian, my product's about to launch tomorrow and I believe with your support, our product can be known well. Is it convenient for you to take a look at my product?
harsh  singh
@fabian_maume hi @fabian_maume , i am looking for hunter as well. this is my product -> could you help us out too ?
Ib sylla ☝😎
If you are talking about hunting your product on PH, the answer is, you don't need a hunter; you do it yourself. If not, you also don't need tips to engage with someone, be just natural.
Nickolay Gavrilev
Hi Amanda! Here's the link of top makers & hunters Hope you will find it useful
Ben Lang
I'm a pretty active hunter, always welcome to reach out through my site
Nithin Jawahar
you can find hunters for your launch and contact them directly at