What features/products are best suited for the upcoming BFCM?

Amanda Tunner
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I guess it's time to think about the big event in November. As a developer, what features or products that you think merchants are looking for to boost sales during Black Friday? Here are some of my ideas: - Theme templates for BFCM - Pop-ups & banners builders, especially useful for showing promotions & flash sales - Automated Email & SMS tools, which will help businesses send out key messages while being busy making sales.


Blake Evans
Dynamic Marketer
When BFCM is coming, merchants will be very busy with many jobs so they won't have time to take care of their customers. Merchants will need an audience management tool to help them manage customers, understand customers' behaviors. And then they will have a way to interact and motivate the right audience to buy on BFCM.
Amanda Tunner
Marketing Strategist @ Flowio
@blakeevans yeah, I think this is a good idea to manage a huge amount of new leads and orders during the BFCM
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