How are you managing through market conditions moving forward?

Katie Chen
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I'm curious to learn how you and your companies are adapting to bear market conditions. What are you doing differently? What metrics are you paying attention to? What are some areas are you prioritizing and pausing on and why?


Aleks Dahlberg
Slowing down hiring, putting much more effort on customer / business development. Still raising a round, easier when you have follow on
Daniel Engels
Be more realistic with projections and expectations. Allow for some extra margin in financing.
Maya Ben Zid
Expanding the team even more thoughtfully than before, focus on leveraging existing customer relationships, follow trends to be ready for whatever comes next.
Iya Mendoza
Our revenue for last month has taken a toll on us. And so, we're planning to observe, monitor, and adjust some of our marketing strategies and do a trial-and-error and competitive analysis to make things work. What about you? What are some of the shifts or tactics you did to the downward marketing trends?
Katie Chen
@iyamendoza01 We're doing very similar things. We're also leveraging our network of advisors for suggestions. On top that, continue to move fast trading off impact vs. time spent. We're holding on to history where bear markets are a great time to build and a forcing function for product-market-fit.
Clément Rog
Bootstrapping my marketing, which means this doesn't change much. No ads, no fancy tools, no sales tactics – keeping it frugal, ethical, sustainable. Good luck everyone!
Avi 🤝
We at VenEx, and our customers, are enabling our teams to voluntarily take greater ownership in the business instead of more salary or more stock options. This is made possible by giving them an honest way to create real wealth based on our future cashflows, because returns from stock options are too far out and unpredictable. This is enabled by VenEx, a SaaS product we launched to this community just today! Let us know if you think this could contribute to helping the community tide over the current times.
Focus to gain efficiency. Cut the shit.
Hunter Zhao
Be more focused on marketing efforts. Target specific segments of the market that have high conversion likelihood. Increase efficiency of various types of spending. Reward loyal and productive employees.
Rich Watson
Being a social trading app market conditions are critical to our user activity- less trades are being tracked and shared during a bear market. So we're focusing on other feature concepts to implement on the app, such as trader education, algorithms to alert momentum penny stocks, and other ideas to aware our users there is profit and trades to be made in any market condition
Michelle DeRepentigny
We are spending more time creating quality content again. In real estate it's been so hot that we haven't had to spend time on content in the last two years so we are doing a full refresh of our online presence.
krumbls dot com
Lay low and focus on existing customers, and less on growth.