Hi No Code builders! What are you planning to ship this month?

Riya Handique
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Just excited to share what we’ve been building for a year now. Mason is a no-code growth toolkit for creators/makers that helps connect your data with design- so that u can launch any omni-channel projects in minutes! We just went live with our upcoming page on Product Hunt- https://www.producthunt.com/upco... and the response has been amazing 🔥 Hope you check it out for a quick spin? Any feedback would be appreciated! And do share yours :) Would love to check out!


Co-Founder of Avidnote. PhD researcher.
Cool product! I'm not doing a no-code project at the moment, but definitely something i would want to check out in the near future.
Riya Handique
Curious about stuff 🧐
@avidnote Thanks so much! Glad to know you're interested :) can't wait to roll it out super soon!