Let's support each other? Share your product here :)

Riya Handique
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Hi everyone, I’m new to Product Hunt and looking for makers, hunters, marketers, anyone who can take some time out to give me some tips/feedback for PH submissions. And I’m happy to return the favor. Share your product link/ Upcoming page/ PH page and we can follow each other. Let’s make this as collaborative as possible 😊


Monil Shah
Hi Riya! Happy to give you tips/feedback. What are you building? Here's us!
Riya Handique
@monil_shah2 Looks cool (Upvoted 🙌)! How old/new is your startup? As for me, we are building a no-code growth toolkit that connects your data with design so that as a brand, you're able to provide an "Always-On" user experience across your digital channels. Here's our upcoming page- https://www.producthunt.com/upco... :)
Monil Shah
@riya_handique2 oooo looks pretty cool. We launched earlier this year to the public and are still learning :-). Something we've learned post our PH launch is the importance of creating some sort of community of your early adopters. In your onboarding flow/ in your welcome email, I'd suggest inviting folks to your slack/discord/telegram/your tool of choice. This makes your team easily accessible and feedback becomes ridiculously easy. Good luck!
Riya Handique
@monil_shah2 Hey thanks for the tip! Will pick this up for our onboarding flow :) Best wishes for your product. Looks promising!
Hey Riya! Super interested in Mason - - looks like a great product! We just launched Product HQ - a Notion dashboard to ideate, source and order your next product. Keen to see the launch of Mason! Good luck with it all!
Looks great! I just launched today at https://www.producthunt.com/post.... Not a product, but an educational tool to learn more about the tech industry in Africa. Cheers!
Andra Coros
Will launch in one week so stay tuned! thanks a lot for the upcoming support :)
Amanda Tunner
Hi Riya, the idea of supporting each other is great! My team is developing an app for eCommerce businesses to manage their audience and automate Emails/SMS campaigns (this will be very helpful for the upcoming Black Friday event). We believe this app will help people boost sales without increase their workload. The app is called Flowio and here's its upcoming page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... You can also learn more at: https://flowio.app Hope you can give us some recommendations & feedback. Moreover, I'm also opening to hear your project
Riya Handique
@amanda_tunner Ah BFCM! We're all waiting for that craze 🙌 Your app seems great! When are you planning to roll out on Shopify?
Amanda Tunner
@riya_handique2 honestly, we've already launched it on Shopify but still wait for 1- 2 more weeks to officially launch on PH. This's because we want to gain more subscribers on the upcoming page :) and also bring the best version to the users here
Misha Krunic
Hello, Riya! Took a look at Mason, seems very interesting! As for me, I'm working on https://botmenot.com/ a bot protection scoring service! Cheers!
Oliver Kraftman
Subscribed to Mason - could be v useful for me :) I'm working on https://www.collate.org/ - welcome on our Beta when we're at your stage!!
Peter Chudakov
Hi Riya! Mason looks very interesting! Here is what we are building: www.reskript.com It's a document collaboration platform, would be great to hear some feedback! Good luck with the Launch!
Chris Ashby
Great thread idea! Just dropped you a follow. I've been working on two products/services at the moment, and testing the waters with both to gauge product/market fit - under my company We Are Heroes. Our mission is to empower startup founders and entrepreneurs with creative & design confidence. To help startups use design as a strategic lever to grow their business. The first product is an unlimited design & strategy subscription, targeted at startups who want design to do more than just look good. You can find it here: https://weareheroes.digital/ The second is a service called 'Website in a Week', aimed at early stage startups, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers, where we design, build and launch your website in just one week using Webflow and no-code integrations. You can see this here: https://www.weareheroes.digital/... Both are due to launch on PH later this month so building up to that and getting as much feedback as I can! If you have any thoughts just let me know. Aside from those there's a lot of other ideas milling around in my head at the mo, and some other products I've got on the backburner as well!
Youri Nelson
Hi Riya, I looked up Mason, it definitely has me intrigued!! On my end I am working on a new email protocol called Telios, that promotes privacy and data ownership. We'll be launching the Beta at the end of September, beginning of October. http://telios.io Good luck with Mason. Santé!!!
Matt Strutte
Hey Riya, I'm new here too, great to be a part of PH. We're working on updating our digital business card software (https://blinq.me/), would love to get your and the forums' feedback on our product. Very happy to give an opinion on others work too! Matt
Peter Nguy
Hi Riya, I had a look at Mason. Interesting and looks great. One bit of feedback, you have a brand carousel and a feedback/reviews carousel. The brand carousel looks to be manually scrolled while the feedback is automatic. I was trying to read the feedback and it kept scrolling and essentially not allowing me to read the reviews. You’d be better autoscrolling trough the brands which are easy to read quickly and have the reviews manually scrollable. Our product is a mobile game called Dizzy Dwarves which is free to play and available on iOS and Android. It’s a runner style game but difficult, so it’s a game for anybody who loves a challenge. Sounds like every product creator on PH!! Hehe. Nice work starting up this community and may everybody achieve and succeed!!
Mohamed Magdy
Hi Riya, I like the idea. Mason sounds an interesting project. We launched a few months ago Quill Forms: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Good luck with Mason