Hi Hunters, What are your preferred ways of sharing documents

Nilova Pande
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What are your preferred way of sharing information via #documents? You know of a 4th way that's what suits your interest, leave a comment! Qinaps - networked notes for delivering flexible documents


I chose 2)
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Elen Udovichenko
Only links 🙌 especially if documents require several revisions/editing/proofreading. It's easy to keep track of the changes and collaborate using comments. Some of my colleagues use Notion, but I can't stand it (especially the way every line break starts a new block of text 😖) I've also heard a lot about the document sharing/collaboration platform Almanac
@elen_u Thanks Elen for the detailed reasoning. At Qinaps, we decided to go with links precisely because of the reasons mentioned by you about several change requests/editing/ team collab and so on.. which seems like the norm these days. Yet we receive some requests to allow PDF export as some people/companies are not comfortable with links.
Sai Arora
we use Kbee for all of our documentation (internal and external). Turns Google Drive folders into a searchable wiki for you, your team, or your customers. Kbee was voted #2 Product of the Day this past Sunday!
Interestingly different results of the poll on PH v/s LinkedIn v/s Indiehackers