Hey 🙌 Want your startup to be mentioned in an e-book?

Lisa Dziuba
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I'm finishing my 50-pages e-book on "How early-stage startups can get users". Anyone here has super cool examples of growth tactics that brought you cool growth? Ideally, some very practical things which I can add to the e-book :) For now, I have 45 marketing tactics to get users and many examples from my startup, Flawless App, and my new team, as well as other bigger companies in the industry. Bit I'd love to add examples from the community as well!


Courtney Ruth
I love what you are doing! We (KOYA) increased our website traffic by 21% through one successful HARO pitch! I am happy to share more: courtney@getkoya.com
Sachin Sinha
Hey Lisa, it's really interesting what you're doing and helpful for anyone just starting out. We (MeetRecord) have been completely focussed on Slack communities(relevant for our ICP) to get early users. Would be happy to learn and contribute in anyway I can. I'm reachable at (sachin@meetrecord.com)
Lisa Dziuba
@meetrecord @sacin13 nice! Slack communities are powerful when you work right with them. I will reach out to you
Serg Tsarikovskiy
Hi Liza 👋 Cool idea, I can share our launching story :) But we are not successful enough but we still trying 🚀
Lisa Dziuba
@serg_tsarikovskiy do you have some examples of growth tactics? I know you are super good at working with press. Maybe you can tell how you are working with press to get published?
Congrats on finishing the eBook!
Ilya Novohatskyi
Hey Lisa, it's a cool idea. I started microns.io two months ago, and we are growing like crazy now. My main strategy is to integrate yourself into the audience and build all things in public. Using this strategy, I got a partner and many passionate people who support me every time. Main takeaway: Use no-code tools to quickly validate your idea and integrate yourself into the community like Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, and Twitter. It takes some time, but you will get your early adopters and people that really motivated in growing your product.
@sweatc Hi, love this! I'm stuck on the technical side of my product. Do you know some no-code tools for making a quiz API?
Ilya Novohatskyi
@romeesa Hey Romeesa, of course. To make this app you can use the stack I personally use. To create beautiful landing page use Webflow, they have a lot of amazing templates so it's good for starting. To create, manage and analyse quizzes you need TypeForm or Google Forms, depends what you prefer, but TypeForm looks much better. To keep in touch with your customers you can use Calendly and Help Scout. And at the end to keep all passwords secured and organised you can use password manager. I personally use 1password to keep my credentials and I do this for each of my side projects. Let me know if you are interested and I will share my affiliate links with you.
Natalie Karakina
Lisa Hi! I hope that you saw our pre-launch cold pith for Ryan on Twitter with InAppStory. Reach me out here or karakina@inappstory.com if you need any additional info! :)
Adrian Spataru
Hi Lisa, For our startup (Cleanvoice), we got our initial customers from Facebook Groups. It also gave us our first backlinks. I'll happily share you the details: adrian@cleanvoice.ai
Would love to take a read of this e-book once it's out!