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Maksim Shcheglov
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Hey guys! I'm thinking of launching a new online dating product and have been trying (for almost a month now) to come up with a suitable name. Please help me decide, I don't have many American acquaintances whom I could ask to rate names for a new business. It will take literally one minute, thanks! 😌


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I voted for Serenade, but I think your name should reflect your differentiator as the dating market is quite overcrowded. If you use neurobiological theory and modern AI-based technologies I would mix it with the words LOVE or FAMILY to let users know it's a website for finding serious relationships. NeuLove or something along these lines :)
Co-Founder Unison, Ex Promenad
@inna_proshkina Thanks for your comment! We chose Unison, it seems like a good name
Launching Neuton.AI TinyML soon!
@shcheglov BTW we have launched Neuton today, please check us out, we are #5 on the homepage