What’s wrong with online dating services?

Maksim Shcheglov
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The most popular dating services like Tinder, Badoo or Bumble, are based on “visual filters”. The visual filter model has gained wide popularity due to user experience. They use an absolute person appearance assessment model. Algorithms alternate profiles of people with standard appearance and super popular people and provoke emotional swings for users. No one has thought before that this model leads to an online dating imbalance. Let's see why: 1. Gaining access to a small group of the most attractive men, women only focus on them. There is a very apparent uneven attention distribution: when 10% of men are overloaded with increased attention from girls, the other 90% of men feel clear attention deficiency. 2. Usually men have shorter term goals. They don’t focus on a certain «the best» category and are ready to communicate with an average 50% of womens. So most of womens get enough attention. 3. Imbalance also arises due to different men's and women’s goals while online dating. According to research, 74% of women pursue a specific goal — relationship. But paying attention only to the most popular 10% of the male audience, they are disappointed. High-demand men have too many groupies. 4. Of course, those 10% of men are capable of entering into a serious relationship, but only for a short time. Realizing their self demand, they are unable to concentrate on relations with someone certain. Some of them even use the services only for getting a quick dose of dopamine — to amuse their pride from a large number of «matches». So, with the development of online dating services, we get new opportunities to improve the quality of our personal life. However, its algorithms made things worse. Therefore, a happy acquaintanceship due to a visual filters model is more lucky than a consistent pattern. What do you think about this? let's talk


Anny Wiliams
I think the main problem of these applications is the lack of traffic and fake accounts that are on dating sites. At least when I researched this issue I had to read different opinions about it. In particular, the authors of this article https://chekkee.com/how-can-you-... also point out that traffic on dating sites matters. However, due to its absence, many dating sites can not get a normal number of visitors and therefore the backgrounds become a warehouse of bot farms.
Max Velin
The biggest problem with dating sites is fakes and wrong photos that they put instead of their own. That's why you need to choose the right dating sites wisely. When choosing a dating platform for adults, try the Uberhorny site. It looks promising for those who love all forms of sexual fun, adventure and experimentation, friendly to multiple sexualities, regardless of ethnicity or location https://hookup-insider.com/revie....
Tracy Williams
I also think that the main problem is fake accounts. If you are looking for serious relationships, it'll be difficult to find a real person there. I had an experience with different dating apps, but I didn't meet anyone. I just found this one https://corrlinks.pissedconsumer.... I never saw it, so I decided to give online dating the last chance. Wish me luck!
William Messi
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