Have you tried using Facebook groups for lead generation?

Fabian Maume
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I personally got a few leads for Tetriz.io by creating a Facebook group sharing best practices about Phantombuster automation. PS: I'm hunting Socialtribes today, which is a valuable tool to leverage Facebook groups.


Ricardo Ghekiere
@fabian_maume, great question! Absolutely, as we have done it for years for now. Write down my experiences on Quora for this. 1. How do people make money with Facebook groups: https://www.quora.com/How-do-peo... 2. How to welcome new users in the best way to keep them coming back and monetize: https://www.quora.com/What-is-th... But very curious how other people have done lead generation through Facebook groups.
Rich Watson
We recently start auto posting tweets, and posts on Stocktwits with great success and increase i nactivity. Will be looking to expand this to Instagram and our Facebook page and group- hoping it will be worth the effort. Wonder how long it will take us to stop calling it 'Facebook' 🤣 😂
@richw What do you use for auto posting? Are there any free tools?
Rich Watson
@ruddy javascript and twitter's API, and little hard coding for Stocktwits since their API isn't open right now. haven't tried on facebook yet as we don't have much of a presence on there, but definitely will in the future. can try checking github for something to selfhost, not sure what you might find
Yes, you can choose the other options of it, sometime it is easy for lead generation so you can advertise it first. For more details check out https://thealightmotionapp.com/ I'm also want to to advertise here.
Not yet. but it can definitely be a good source. Please share your experience! :)
Ansh Sdhana
I don't generally use Facebook to generate leads. Joining Facebook groups, seeing the active members, filtering out the ones that won't work for you. This is too much effort for lead generation. What I do is generate leads through LinkedIn using a tool named Aeroleads. I use LinkedIn because it is not just some place people hang out when they're bored, LinkedIn has the data on what people have or what they desire to achieve in their professional life, which is the biggest motivator for many people to make purchases. I search for my target niche on LinkedIn and Aeroleads generates the contact info for everyone who appears in my search results. I can then handpick the ones that I feel are likely to convert and the tool adds them to a separate email list which can later be exported to CRM and Email sequencing tools.
Fabian Maume
@ansh_sdhana LinkedIn is definitely a nice channel for lead gen. I'm using it extensively. How many leads per weeks are you able to generate with LinkedIn? Scale is usually the main issue with lead gen on LinkedIn.
Ansh Sdhana
@fabian_maume first off sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the notification earlier. There's not really a fixed number but we can easily generate hundreds (even thousands if the target audience is huge) of leads through LinkedIn per week. I've hired interns for finding relevant leads and filtering out the irrelevant ones for both my agency and my client's businesses. LinkedIn can be a great tool for gaining personal or brand popularity if campaigns are executed the right way, but for lead gen, it depends a lot on who is the target audience or how many competitors are there in the market.
Yavuz Tunc Emran
I have tried but didn't really find what I was looking for.
Nitin Joshi
I signed up for many Facebook groups to generate leads, but I haven't been successful because these groups are filled with competitors. Sometimes, I feel like the customers there aren't genuine.