Have you faced a creative breakdown?

Juan Sarmiento
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I might not be wrong to say that all designers and developers have faced a creative breakdown🤯 I have also had! And the best advice that I can give to someone who is living through difficult times is to separate work duties from personal life. You'll see that your physical and mental health will improve! Don't worry, everything will be all right😊 What about you? What's your experience in the matter and what's the best tip you can share with us?🤔


Fajar Siddiq
When i have creative breakdown, is usually the mood. I must make sure my lifestyle is balance. Another thing is to get less distracted and get into deep work. If that is hard, i will do some basic practice of small task over and over again until i get it right and it build like system around the creative work i want to do. I will tell myself not to get overwhelm by things around me. Also another great tip if you're stuck, get someone else who is much more creative or have better energy to do that particular things. We may not be in good state of mind or at our best everyday. But with others support i believe we can achieve the things that kept us going.
Juan Sarmiento
Thank you for sharing your thoughts @fajarsiddiq. And, as you say, as human beings, if we support each other, we achieve great things!🙌
Porush Puri 🇮🇳
Here's what I have experienced, creative breakdowns comes with certain intensity - 1. There are these minor breakdowns, which can be improved by just listening to good music, talking to couple of friends or by watching a good inspiring film. 2. But there are these major breakdowns, that takes weeks to improve, they are the ones that affects your mental well being. They blend in with imposter syndrome and self-doubt. In my experience exploration is the key to come back to your old self. I explore new things, new areas, new feelings. Be it be reading a totally unusual book (unusual to my taste), exploring a new skill, or just wait and be kind to myself for a week.
Anna Avvakumova
It is critical for me to change the environment at such moments. If I can go to vacations - great! But in pandemic world it's hard to do, so I hope even short trips on the weekends will help to recharge.
Juan Sarmiento
You're right @anna_caine! Even though the pandemic has changed our habits, a short trip is always the best recharge⚡️
Mateo Silva
I have! And even though I've struggled with it, I just look at the sky and see that all my problems are little compared to what the universe is.
Prateek Mathur
I have, but its been due to a lack of sleep!