Have you ever worked out of a coworking space?

Ryan Gilbert
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If yes: what did you like most/least about working from a coworking space? If no: why not?


Ryan Gilbert
I personally haven't (have worked out of plenty of coffee shops though). The main reason that I haven't to this point is that there aren't really any in the area around me right now. I don't have anything against them and actually think they might be beneficial for busy days to completely avoid WFH distractions.
Pablo Fatas
Worked out of a WeWork in London for about 6 months. Alone it is quite nice and the social aspect is a huge plus. If you are a team of 3+ then it gets a bit more complicated in terms of seating if you go to a busy one.
Sheida Mirjahani
I mostly work at cafes. Better for keeping my mood up because of the coffee smell, the view, etc. But I have worked in coworking spaces as well. The advantages are the work synergy, small talks in breaks about your startups, and sharing tips with each other, a better chance to grow your professional network. But in Toronto, they are stupidly expensive! $30 per day.
Michael Silber
Infused waters at WeWork are 🔥 Besides some of the amenities being readily available, I much prefer working from my home setup unless I need to meet with a larger group. I wouldn't use this as my primary workspace, but I have occasionally worked out of my climbing gym in the past. It is terrible for calls, but great for creative work where I can pause to move around.
Ryan Gilbert
@product_at_producthunt Do you ever mix up your location at home to spark different levels of creativity?
Michael Silber
@ryangilbert Not really — my one year old has run of most of my home. However, I do have a standing desk, a set of kettlebells, and a stationary bike to mix things up.
Alfred Nerstu
I was part of a co-working space in Copenhagen for a few months. + Got out of the apartment Good food and drinks – Didn’t have a fixed desk so felt temporary People were there to work not socialise so didn’t really get to know anyone Not enough places to have calls The expense Not as comfortable chair as at home Next time I would like to have an own office or at least own desk.
Ryan Gilbert
@finnstrand This all makes a lot of sense! The main reason I'd like to consider one, even if just a couple days a week, is that being home 100% alone all day and week can weirdly be draining over time.
Alfred Nerstu
@ryangilbert Yes, getting out, seeing some people, feeling the energy of the city really helps when you’ve been stuck at home.
Peter Perez Jr
Been working from a coworking space for 5 yrs love it. However, I've been to larger co working spaces like WeWork, but I find smaller ones are my fav - more casual, intimate, plus I know I'm helping a small biz. - Gets me in a work routine, wake up go to work come back home. It's 5 min from my home. - Less distractions - Great networking, many became close friends - Great seating - my own desk - I'm in a downtown area, so places to eat, drink - just a step away the bad - chairs could be better same with desks, but can't complain - I might bring my own someday.
Ryan Gilbert
@peterperezjr Haha a good chair is so important! How would bringing your own work? Do you have your own dedicated space there?
Peter Perez Jr
@ryangilbert Yeah own dedicated space. The owner is really cool and allows you to set up however you'd like.
Andrew Beburishvili
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Will Olson
I work remotely, and when I was doing that from one location I really enjoyed it. I didn't go in everyday, but I went in a couple times a week. It was helpful for when I needed to focus and actually get work done because it took more willpower to avoid distractions at home. Plus being around people who were working hard encouraged me to work hard. At the moment, I'm nomading a bit in the US and now find coworking spaces difficult to use. It takes time to find a good one, they're usually pricier than just finding a coffee shop, and by the time I find one I like that doesn't require a lengthy/pricey contract I'm off to the next place.
Thor Schroeder
I don't like doing work around other people really. I like to do work in my home office.
Ilaria Merizalde
I’d love to… My home can be pretty distracting with visitors, a husband always talking on speakerphone🙄, and I also miss having coworkers and a place to drive to and from. However… there doesn’t seem to be a suitable space near me. 😕
Nabeel Amir
I have. Coworking spaces are great places to work and socialize with most like-minded enthusiasts, founders, and entrepreneurs. I have a dedicated space for myself, lockers to keep important things, etc. The only drawback is the expense. They charge a considerable amount if you want a dedicated space, lockers, etc. Sometimes the coworking space owners also arrange different networking events for the people working there, which is excellent for socializing.
Nik Hazell
I worked out of a great coworking space in Wellington, New Zealand. It was great! - it was cheap - they had a great coffee machine, and a barista came in every week to teach us Latte Art! - It had a great atmosphere, with a real "team" sense, even if none of us worked together - (+ good wifi, quiet areas, all that important stuff)
Paul VanZandt
I never have but I find myself working best around other motivated people. For me the biggest barrier has just been paying for it.
Yenire leal
oooh yes!! great experience. I have worked at Wework, great space for networking. In my case it worked very well, but sometimes the meetings were complicated, a lot of noise around. Currently, I work from home, and it works much better.
Dovile Miseviciute
Worked from a coworking space, but didn't particularly enjoy it. I find that it is similar to working at a cafe and I prefer the latter.
Vaibhav Taneja
Oh yes, I am currently working in a coworking space. I believe joining a coworking space means pursuing a new opportunity and participating in a community of business professionals. You get more networking opportunities, a boost in creativity, Collaboration opportunities, and most importantly greater flexibility.
Ryan Gilbert
@vaibhav_taneja Have you seen that most people there are willing to stop and chat/network a bit?
Shaun Nestor
Not only did I work out of one, but I also co-owned and operated one. I loved the community; connecting with other passionate people, helping solve problems, and finding new connections - it was incredibly rewarding and inspiring!
Ryan Gilbert
@shaunnestor This is super interesting! What made you stop the operations side of things?
Shaun Nestor
@ryangilbert We had one location and plans to expand into two new ones. The first one was sold to fund the new two, but then the developer went bankrupt in the middle of construction. :(
Philipp Stelzel
Yes, my sister is even operating one in Vienna and unofficially I am part of the team :)
Tatiana Lima
Have worked out of a few coworking spaces. I liked being around other people - it forced me to be more productive. Sometimes it would get loud but not enough for it to bother me! I've also worked in cafes which can be cheaper :) (in Rome, Italy prices can go from 25 a day)