Have a nice week guys!💪

Benoit Chambon
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Keep your week goals in mind, and let's chat on Friday to know who reached them, who can't and why. Good luck everyone!


Benoit Chambon
Here are my goals (I miss the Goal feature on PH btw... @rrhoover ): -Send cold and custom emails to my (huuuuuuge) prospection list ❤️ -Finish my business proposal to our potential partnership 🤝 -Give product-interviews to people who have already answered to our survey 🤩 -Finish the mysterious feature we want to release for koinju.io, if possible 🤞
Misha Krunic
Thanks, Benoit! I actually reached my previous goal of launching my blog page and publishing the first article for BotMeNot, my latest project. Currently, I'm looking to work on attracting more beta users, finalizing some design aspects of the website, maybe trying to promote my blog some more, and most importantly keep developing BMN! Good luck to you!
Renzo Brus 💻⚡
Thank you, you too! For this week I have a battle to win against Newsletter's preparation and sending 🥊🥇 Then, a lot of KPI monitoring, content planning and Events organization!
Alina Ihnatiuk
Thanks a lot! I wish you a great mood, a productive week and victories!
Sonia Belokur
Thanks! I'm already into my working routine! Wish you all a very productive week!
Solomon Bush
Thanks for the motivation! Good luck on your mysterious feature by the way! As far as my goals: - Create a precomputing workflow for my log ingestion pipeline - Convert LogHarvestor to MUI 5.0 - Finish design for Enterprise Charting feature Fingers crossed!
Nickolay Gavrilev
Thanks a lot! Have a nice week too
Amanda Adamson
Thank you for the good wishes. Luck is always useful to us.)
Benoit Chambon
Hi there! Who achieve their goals? If not, it's not dramatic at all: the most important thing is to understand the reasons :) @price2spy @trakti @antonovna @sonia_belokur @solomon_bush @waafsn @amanda_adamson ?