Has Product Hunt helped you find an audience for your startup?

Ira GI
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Aryan Khan
I think PH gives you an extra boost but you can't simply rely on PH to bring you your audience imo
Tarek Besbes
Hmm, I just launched and since I have no network, I think it will be quite hard for me to get it featured. If you have a tiny network that does like your product, I think as @aryankhan said, it would probably give you a boost on top of it. If you get featured, that's when you can get a lot of attention.
Haven't launched yet but we're not planning for PH to be our main source of interest - it's as @aryankhan has said it's hopefully going to be a boost.
Product Hunt is a great way for traffic if your product comes under the top 5 products or gets featured. But I haven't found it really effective at building an audience.
Fabian Maume
Yes. I think trying a product hunt launch is always relevant, even if you feel that PH audience is not your audience. You have the option to relaunch after 6 months so I would advise you to make a no-frill launch as soon as you can: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/...
Rucha Joshi
Yes it has. In fact after launching we still get traffic directed through Product hunt. It worked out well for us. Are you planning to launch your product soon?