Happy Monday! What are you working on this week?

Ryan Gilbert
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What are you working on this week? Is there anything the PH community can help with?


Sneha Saigal
Hi Ryan! I am building an online marketplace that democratizes access to social capital by connecting prospective univ/college students to recent/grads and alumni to get advice via 1-on-1 audio/video calls. Would love feedback from the PH community and am happy to answer questions if you have any!
Ryan Gilbert
@sneha_saigal Awesome! Which side of the network are you hoping to capture first?
Sneha Saigal
@ryangilbert We are currently onboarding alumni members to build the supply side and have got organic traction from alumni members of schools such as NYU, Columbia, Cornell, SCAD, CMU and more.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
Hi Ryan, France is shut for Easter Monday, but our distributed team is moving forward with the development and early beta-testing of the Profile NFT, after publishing our open white paper on PH last week and getting some interesting inputs & suggestions on our research & hypothesis. πŸ™Œ
Philipp Stelzel
I am working on a Notion Template for Digital Creators. It will include: - Task Management System - 30 Days Challenge - Digital product ideas - List of No-Code Tools - List of Mental Models for Digital Creators Hope that I can launch it next week!
Martina Hackbartt
Hey, Ryan! The amount of workload I have for this week is tremendous... but my main focus will be preparing for our launch. I'm mainly prepping some resources like the description, the video and the bonus; whilst also reaching out to my network to let them know we're launching. I'm also finishing writing a blog post about PH that will be online soon! The PH community can of course help with some feedback on our product so far (https://www.reskript.com/) or by subscribing to our updates if interested! (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...). What about you?
Sheida Mirjahani
Hi Ryan, We’re shipping a subscription tool for Twitter Spaces hosts this week. It helps with sharing their recordings in a playlist and build an email list out of their audio content. The tool automatically downloads, converts, and uploads the recordings in the playlist, and notifies subscribers by email of any new posts. we created an upcoming for it on PH. Excited to launch it soon! https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Anyone here is a Twitter Space user?
Ryan Gilbert
@sheidmirj This sounds interesting! I hosted a handful of mini interviews on Twitter spaces a few months ago and the biggest downside was that once the interview ended the content essentially vanished as if it never happened.
Jaisal Rathee
I'm currently building my newsletter - www.insanelyusefulwebsites.com It's a free weekly newsletter where we feature the most useful websites from around the web. Every week we curate the top 3 useful websites, products and apps you didn't know existed.
Harish Kumar
Working on the upcoming product hunt launch.
Hi, working on (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...). Would like to hear some feedback before we launch on PH. Thank You.
Hakim Elakhrass
It's Easter Monday, so just doing a little R&R, which is also important for founders πŸ˜‰
Dylan Merideth
We are prepping for launch! Polishing the app, final touches on payments infrastructure, more blogs and social engagement. Just gonna get the show on the road
Andrew Beburishvili
I am currently working on launching my own online store. Hope that everything will run smoothly ;) with services like https://priceva.com/repricing I really expect my business to be a flip :)
Justin George
For the first time, I'm handling 2 projects. 1. statsph.com, interesting Product Hunt statistics. 2. metricsbeam.com, a single dashboard that makes it easy to run your business
James Tedy
I'm working on no-code tools to launch NFT Collection, but this week's focus will be mainly to prepare for the upcoming pitch to investors.🀞 Here's a link to the website if you're interested. (https://www.launchimp.io/)
Nicoletta Catalucci
Hi everyone, My name is Nicoletta, and I'm working in a blog where you can learn about SEO, Backlinks, Digital Marketing, Affiliation Marketing, and Get Free Tips, etc... Check my blog; https://www.webys-traffic.com/ or Download a FREE app; https://bit.ly/webysapp And I would be very nice if you share with my your opinion and give me a feedback... thanks :)
Husein bhinderwala
Hello, I'm framing data to support rationale for hardware and behavioral KPIs for robot vacuums to be launched next year.
I have made new website of ecommerce for the all fashion accessories .High quality product with all variation included in sizes and colors.I'm on the learning phase but I try my best to aware new quality product brand.
Kazimieras Melaika
Hi everyone! With our team, we’re launching in late April or the start of May. So we're actively working to finish everything with our product and have a successful launch. Check out our upcoming PH page: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/eff... Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed health tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
just have some important work panding try to finish it first
Paul VanZandt
Thanks for the discussion, Ryan! We're finalizing some email automation systems and doing a lot of manual outreach. Additionally, we're finalizing the materials for our launch on May 4th πŸ‘
Yenire leal
Working on my IoT product launch. Uncertain Times.