Guys, Just launched a new website and would like to hear your feedback!

Artem Galenko
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Hi to all! Recently our team launched a new website and I was wondering whether you can provide your feedback about it? (ux/ui, messaging, etc) It will be extremely useful for us so I'm looking forward to read it! Thanks in advance


Dimitris Karavias
The title is vague- I read "advisor" and wasn't sure if it's a person or a machine. The real value is hidden below: measure technical debt & code quality. So I would make that more precise (how exactly will my experience be better with Duecode compared to current tools?) and make it the title. I'm also not sure Engineering leaders and non-tech managers are both equally interested. Unless your user research found equal amounts of non-tech managers interested in such metrics (I've never met a single one who cared or understood about code quality). So maybe go all-out with the key group and speak their language- it's a bit generic and "businessy" now. The "programming languages" section should move above the fold so I don't have to scroll- it's a key selling point and ideally you should show them all. Consider smaller icons in one row or the ones you have now in two rows. My dev team uses Typescript and to find it I would have to scroll, then click or wait for the slider. PS: I just saw the video. As CEO of a small company I'm looking to offload as much as possible, not get more daily reports. So maybe the narrative could be more about empowering devs and less about the CEO getting one more thing to track?
Amit yadav
Your websites meta tag are inserted in body.
Prateek Mathur
Are you providing insights to developers? Too many popups too quickly Instead of new and better way, can you highlight how these folks will benefit?