Golden Kitty Awards are back and bigger than ever!!!

Sharath Kuruganty
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Hey there! 'Tis the time to celebrate makers of 2021 who made incredible products. So we are bringing back the prestigious Golden Kitty Awards 😻 Nominate your fav products across 25 categories until Saturday, January 8th. More details here!


Michael Silber
Product Lead at Product Hunt
So many cool things brewing for GKA this year. We have great hosts (@greg_isenberg and @sahil_bloom from The Room Where it Happens pod), fun performances, and a panel led by our very own @rrhoover
Michael Silber
Product Lead at Product Hunt
Don't forget to RSVP!!! See you on January 27th at 12pm ET ✌🏼
ADHD person building @SigmaOS
2021 was an amazing year for us at SigmaOS, we really enjoyed our launch on product hunt this year 😻
Pablo Fatas
Head of Community @SigmaOS 🐒
So excited to be part of this with SigmaOS :) Its been a crazy ride and we owe it a lot to all the support we’ve had on product hunt. We will be watching from London! <3
Rory Sadler
Founder @ trumpet
Good luck to everyone! πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯
Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Co-founder at
I just nominated Qinaps and Biteable the @ProduntHunt #GoldenKittyAwards2021.
Andrew Kpyto
Digital Marketer at Sembly AI β€πŸš€
Going to nominate Sembly Personal to the AI app category, calling for support ^_^
Maxwell Davis
Launching Something Soon πŸš€
Nominations done - excited for the big event!
Shivani Pahadiya
noob @
Excited for this event guys, we are also launching this month;)
Jai Thakur
Product, ex Banker, Innovator
Thanks to @soham_roy4 we had a super year end and equally beautiful beginning of a new year making live! Lot of plans, lot of excitement! Looking for collaborators, volunteers, friends for the project to launch this ship into space!
Soham Roy
Community and Product Builder
@jaithakur it’s been a exciting last few weeks at for both of us. We are on a mission to onboard the next billion users into Web 3 using BaloonNFT. Would love to have more people join us in this mission.
Eralp Arslan
Digital Marketing Specialist at Jotform
So exciting, good luck everyone!
On earth to contribute and create value.
Niice! So cool to discover the amazing products the community is creating πŸ™Œ Good luck all!!
Brahim Aghzaf
Social Media Adviser
this is useful
Marin Petrov
Hacker and Painter
Nominated :)
Arpine Ginosyan
Content Marketing Expert | Leanbe
We've had a year of incredible products! I'm very proud to be a maker of a smart roadmap generation platform, which was recognized as the Product of the Day (Sep 23), Week and even the whole Month of September !! So excited to be nominated for Golden Kitty awards! Thank you everyone for supporting us and nominations))
Music. Pictures. Words.
Nominated :)
Mayank Mishra
Co-founder Nocoder & UX
Nominated and excited!! :)
My Name is David John.
the Golden Kitty Awards took place, the best of the best products of the year launched at Product Hunt! For the first time in its six-year history, this year's awards ceremony was held online. The winners were selected in 23 categories from mobile applications to fintech, and the best products in each category received their Golden Kitty award.
Ranjoy Sen
Crating useful tools !!
It was along awaiting release for C2 ... enjoyed the launch this year ...
Fajar Siddiq
Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore
Really excited for this one, nominated a few makers project as well.