Goals for 2022 🔥

Piotr Pawłowski
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Hi everyone! This year is coming to an end, so I feel it's a good time to ask - do you have any particular resolutions or goals for 2022? Feel free to share it here!


Alina Ihnatiuk
I have not yet considered the goals from the working side. I can voice personal ones - take care of health, improve my knowledge of the English language, visit 5 countries.
Piotr Pawłowski
@antonovna personal development is very important, also when it comes to business related issues, keep it up!
Wiktoria Jaszcza
Piotr, what are yours?
Piotr Pawłowski
@w_j thanks for asking! Mine are finally launch here the product I'm working on ;) and also to make it grow bigger, of course! As for personal goals, I will try to do a better job of work-life balance and also take my UX design skills to the next level. What about you?
Ira GI
Launch of several projects related to the metaverse
Bella John
My goal for 2022. I will become a millionaire. I will make my family Best.. I will become a good teacher and read more...
Color fy
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Nadia Khan
Hi everyone! This year is coming to an end, so I feel it's a good time to ask - do you have any particular resolutions or goals for 2022? https://apkhobby.com/
Jack Howel
as a seo interested, of course I want to move my site higher https://wpyukle.net/ i love doing this job :)
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Marry Hazlitt
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Asim Latif
My prefered goal for 2022 is to build a website for Android Apps, and currently, I'm working very hard on my aimed project. Atoz Apk is the aimed project for 2022. I will turn it a high-level brand. The time will come for sure. ;)
Manyas Hukuk Bürosu
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olivia David
Yes My goals are 1.Exercise more and stay healthy 2.Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby 3.Spend more time with family and friends 4.Travel to new places 5.Save money and be financially responsible 6.Reduce stress and prioritize self-care 7.Volunteer and give back to the community 8.Read more books or pursue personal development 9.Improve work-life balance 10.Practice gratitude and focus on positivity Ream more https://modlonely.com
Ajay Singh
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zenifer aliza
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Taylor Sara
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Ysela T
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