Give feedback on the «problem slide» from Getlanding's seed deck

Alexey Shashkov
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I'm trying to clearly state the problem in our seed deck for What do you think?


Nishith from True Sparrow
Reads great. Good job @shashcoffe ! Love how you are building in public. :) A thought. Can you quantify the pain (in terms of time, dev/design effort, $)?
TL Robinson
@shashcoffe @nishith_shah I agree with the point to try and quantify the pain. Maybe try to look at loss in potential revenue or engagement from people not advancing through the process.
Rick Turoczy
@shashcoffe @nishith_shah @tl__robinson +1 on adding some metrics. It currently feels more nice to have than necessity.
TL Robinson
I recommend to add a bullet the highlights the fact that some landing pages aren't engaging or successfully get consumers/users to the next step in the engagement process.
Chris Redrich
What about perfectionism? Lots of startups tinker with their landing page for a long time because they want it to be "perfect" instead of letting the market guide.
Rick Turoczy
At the highest level, I'd focus on massaging the word choice and phrasing with the intended audience in mind. Since this is an investor pitch for Seed stage folks, you might want to fine tune it to the audience that is receiving the pitch. For example, "startups" may be too generic. You could punch it up with a headline like "Every single SaaS company in your portfolio has agonized over landing pages." That makes it hit closer to home and better defines the target market you're actually pursuing. Just a thought.
Ari Bencuya
All of these things are true, having just made a new landing page we went through every single one of these problems. The only comment I have is the idea of removing words. Time Intensive Too many templates No-Code Platform Learning Curve Undecided on Design/Copy Same problems same understanding much clearer. Remove words. Also if you could show this slide as a "poll response" that would be great also. It shows a number of things 1. You've talked to and understand the needs and complaints of potential clients and built your app with these clients in mind. 2. Shows why you're focusing on the building the product with the roadmap you have in minde