Gifs in Gmail - As easy as mobile

Miriam Dorsett
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Does this product exist yet? I want to put gifs into my emails just like I can from my phone using the keyboard. LOL. Thank you.


Miri Blayckher
Thats sounds awesome! Let us know if you find it?
I don't think it is there. The new Google Workspace solution is trying to bring the universal embedding capability with @ as the character. Haven't seen it working consistently yet.
Andrew Laurentiu
You can easily insert gifs in your email newsletter with Postcards , here is how to do
Miriam Dorsett
@andrew_laurentiu hmmmm ok but not for my newsletter, just right from my gmail inbox? Like a keyboard type, on desktop, like I have for my phone. I will check this Postcards out though...have you used it? Can I use it if I use Substack?
Akinori Nakajima
Maybe it's not there, if you find it let me know, I have to
Andrian Valeanu
You can embed HTML templates or gifs in gmail, read here a step by step tutorial