Integrating Feedback into your Product Development Schedule

Miriam Dorsett
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Hello Product Hunt fam! Happy Tuesday, I hope you all are doing your best! I know I am.... 😅 lol Quick quesh when you have a moment. I am now live with my MVP and getting a ton of feedback (it's awesome). I want to know best practices for gathering this information in one place, reviewing it with my team, and implementing changes. I want to avoid overwhelming, and feeling like we have to change so many things right away. I have started to put all of the feedback into a google sheet, organized by category and where the feedback came from. I have a meeting planned for the start of the month to review it all with my team and at that time I was thinking we would create tasks on what we are going to change. Is this the "best practice"? Where do you gather your feedback? Should we be reviewing this feedback faster? Should we be making changes in real-time? I hope this makes sense and appreciate any insights on what has worked or not worked for you in the past. Thank you, Miriam


Jeff Weisbein
Hey @mdorsett! Have you ever looked into Trello? It might be helpful for you to organize feedback and also prioritize it.
Adrian Cole
@mdorsett @jeffweisbein I was going to suggest ClickUp. Which is what we use. One thing to remember, don't firehose your team with all the feedback at once. Spend time investigating breaking it Down and simply have a bugs column on your Kanban board. Then have your usual bug reviews, pick top priority bugs and crush those mfs on your next sprint. If it's feature requests then put those tasks in feature requests and follow the same process. Review, discuss, decide and sprint. Lastly, not all bugs are equal and sometimes you might have to leave a few roaches around until you have capacity to go back and fix. Good luck
Miriam Dorsett
@jeffweisbein I have used Trello. I use Asana though...but I think you may be on to something, like why am I putting it into a I should be putting them into Asana. *insert homer simpson doh gif
Miriam Dorsett
@jeffweisbein @adrian_cole2 Adrian, this comment is so MF real. Thank you breh. Appreciate you speaking to me in my language!!! IM GOING TO CRUSH THIS MF!!!! lol
Greg 'X' Willis
There is really no "best practice". It depends on the culture you are cultivating for your processes. I use Zoho Projects instead of Trello or Asana, but for changelog updating and getting user feedback I use If there is a platform that integrates both "project management" / changelog and user feedback all into 1 platform I would be interested in using it.
Claire Glisson
I second the idea of using a project management type app to manage feedback, but I'd go with something like Notion for the added flexibility. product feedback can come in many formats/ types and while the standard work management apps will work, something like Notion will give you more flexibility for organizing and distilling the info.
At Qinaps we are going to launch our roadmap and updates to the public in the coming week of May 2021. The idea is to get instant feedback, comments, ideas etc. at the same time as we build. We are using