Getting traction with Ship - without being creepy!

Jim Morrison
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We've been taking a look at "Ship" for our two new products but I'm a little confused... has anyone had more luck figuring the best way to use it? I've set up two Ship pages, one for our news platform - OneSub - and another for our stock exchange game - twiDAQ. We were expecting to use Ship as a way to foster a small audience of folks who have an interest in the products and would like to help us shape them, providing user feedback to surveys and so forth. I kinda thought that was the point. Where I'm stumped is how we're supposed to find folks on PH who might be interested in engaging in feeding back. From what I can tell ... we're now supposed to "Upload" our contact data from the two products... and while we have about 4,000 people registered against each product none of those people opted in to have their details moved over to ship.. nor will many any of them, probably, be familiar with product hunt... the Venn diagram of people in our database and people familiar with PH is probably two circles. My fear is - bothering the 4k people we already have a relationship with engaging on yet another platform will just irritate them... moving their email addresses across is just creepy (and possibly not even legal in the UK) and in any case this does nothing to grow our audience. The whole point for us was about finding new people with interesting ideas about where they'd like to see us take our products this year... as we try to hone in on some product-market-fit magic. What is people's advice? Have we totally misunderstood what "Ship" is all about? Is it just a lander-tool for folks who don't already have some kind of landing page?


Junior Owolabi
i'm sure there are blog posts online, explaining how to get traction with ship