Gain followers on PH

Gabriele Sangrigoli
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I see there is people here that have 1000+ followers. That is impressing considering that a discussion doesn't tipically get more than 20 replies and 30 upvotes. How do you gain followers before launch? Is to be active in the community enough?


ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
Ya, I'm just responding to stuff that's interesting or where I think I can be helpful!
I've gained 20+ over the last month just being active in the community and providing what I hope are useful comments! But it does seem like a slow slog - I think those with a lot of followers generally have launched lots of things or have become a success in their products.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
@maxwellcdavis Yep, I can see it. I joined two weeks ago and have gained 14-or-something followers. No way those persons are famous just because of comments. :) You are right
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I am also interested to know this :))
Fabian Maume
From my experience being active in discussion is the most effective way to gain followers. Following people might also help you get some. You can combine this with the discussion feature: follow people who gave interesting answers to the topic you are interested in.
Misha Krunic
I'm guessing being active in the discussions and launching products are the main driving factors for increasing one's followers.