Future impact of blockchain technology

Cezary Dobrowolski
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Hey, at the current state we all know, that blockchain is a hot trend, that impacts the software market. From my perspective, as a Marketing person, there are a lot of bold buzz words that don't necessarily provide any value to the end-user. I'm currently involved in a startup working on blockchain technology and I got some thought. IMO blockchain is the future, but it's a future in which all of the buzz words and pyramid models are gone. In my idea of the future, the end-user will not even know that the Spotify or Steam he uses has a whole blockchain backend. What are your thoughts? Do you think that web3.0 is a real thing? And how is it going to look?


Blockchain will be more on the back end infrastructure. It won't be noticeable to users but the knowledge that a company uses blockchain projects higher level of trust and security. This is important since these are big elements when it comes to users as we move toward a more decentralized era especially with Millennials and Gen Z being more passionate about social impact and building a more transparent world.
Hey Cezary, I agree with you, it won't be noticeable from the user stand point. It might be harder to integrate in more traditional businesses while being increasingly important in other industries. Industries with high dependance on: innovation, speed, international transactions, high security, transparency. These companies will eventually need to move into some kind of version of web3.0 may it be blockchain or the next best thing. What are your thoughts?
Kirman Smith
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