Full automation in GDPR Compliance - is it possible or not?

Sergey Kretsu
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Hello dear Friends and Hunters! We've launched our SaaS for Startups and SMBs, named Defendocs today and I'd like to get your feedback on the following point: Please share you thoughts about automation in GDPR Compliance - is it possible or not? Is GDPR too complex and difficult to understang all the rules and regulation and fulfill it 100% in a short time?


Maciej Cupial
It depends on many things. If your business is a "template" business, you can generate a GDPR Compliance document. For example, we allow our customers at Calendesk to generate GDPR Compliance if they offer online booking services. Usually, it fits perfectly, but in the end, it is the same document for everyone but with a different company name.
Ivan Ralic
I think this is missing a 3rd option. Understanding is not so hard, but implementation might become complicated. I have Enterprise-grade SaaS aimed at Telco Industry, we are GDPR compliant and ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified. From my experience the documentation and understanding is the easy part. The actual implementation especially if code refactoring is necessary is the hard part.