Free tools for promoting your startup

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Hello, I believe that you all have a lot of experience and could help us out. We are a new startup and we are looking for free ways to build our audience (mainly data miners, data analytics and e-commerce specialists). The tool helps to extract data from any website without coding. We have already made publications and added our tool to the alternative searching tools. As we do not have investors, for now, we are building the product on our own, that's why are trying to use free channels as much as possible. I would appreciate your suggestions or just experience what has worked for you?! :)


Fabian Maume
Quora could be an interesting channel for you. You can use QApop to find relevant question. I think you could also try some cold outreach targeting stargezer of specific Github repo. Phantombuster has a scraper for it. You can use Zapier & Gmail as a cheap emailing solution. Twitter is also usually good for data miner audience but it is hard to leverage without PPC budget.